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Ask Virat Dhebar for Advice
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Advice Request
Virat Dhebar
Virat Dhebar

Virat Dhebar

Assistant Vice President


My role model
Our Previous CEO Ishan Palit, my current boss Mario Rodrigues are the ones that comes in my mind as a Role Model. Ishan for his excellent management skills and Mario for his honesty and simplicity.
Important decision
I realized during my employment in manufacturing industry that I have those skills that would be recognized more in Service Sector. I decided to switch over to Service Sector. I have enjoyed my tenure till date in this sector and It was quite an important decision.
My achievements
Apart from several mile stones in professional life like developing and leading a team, taking up green field assignments and building it to the desired levels, what makes me proud off is when I meet my students and they say your trainings have made a positive transformation in our life at home and at work place. I feel proud when our services adds value to some one’s life.
Important lesson learned
1. I learnt that there is no better answer than Performance when your role is in question. Explanations and justifications are temporary. Action speaks finally.
2. Formal education degrees play a very little role in professional life once you reach to a certain level, what matters is how quickly you identify your core strength and change the playing field accordingly. Success will follow.
3. Knowledge is power.
4. Never presume at work place.
Brief description about me
I am presently working as Assistant Vice President ( Academy ) for TUV SUD South Asia, a subsidiary of TUV SUD Group, Germany, World’s leading Technical Consulting Company providing service like third party auditing, certification, testing and training. I am working with this organization for last 12 years. I am responsible for the development, management and growth of Academy’s’ business leading a team of more than 25 professionals. We provide Corporate Training, Management Consulting, Professional Exams and qualifications in various industry domains. Earlier, for 8 years, I was leading a business for Management system auditing and certification in the region of Gujarat and was also a practicing auditor for Quality Management System ( ISO 9001 ), Information Security Management ( ISO 27001 ) & IT Service Management ( ISO 20000 ) behalf of the same organization, TUV SUD South Asia.
Apart from my management responsibility, I am a lead trainer in the field of Quality Management, Leadership, Emotional intelligence and other trainings.
Education : Civil Engineer with PG in Information Technology followed by Bachelor’ Degree in Political Ideologies
Work Experience : Total 21 years of work experience. ( 9 years in Manufacturing and 12 years in Service Industry )
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Indian Education system requires massive overhauling including its regulatory and operational framework. A gap between industry and institutions is alarmingly widening and making excess graduates with weaker industry readiness and on the other industry is facing skill shortage. Chambers of industry, Corporate and other business houses requires to play a direct and vital role, right from designing syllabus jointly with Academia to providing faculties who has vast practical experience.
Ensuring success
I think learning and making change in me is a key. Interacting with a right kind of people and taking right action on time, surely would help me grow.
Degree that I recommend
Life Coach, NLP Practitioner.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I believe that leadership is personal. A successful leader require few things in his acts.
1.Ability to Give and share
2.Vision to see and influencing others to see
3.Fairness in his dealings
4.Problem solving Attitude
5.Passion to lead and appetite to create more leaders.

Initiative to develop a country
I think there are many factors that differentiates developed and developing countries, However In my opinion Professionals can directly contribute to Nation’s building by practicing few things listed below in his / her personal capacity – may be at home or at work place.
1.QUALITY : bringing quality in whatever they do and where ever they work. Zero tolerance to poor quality of products, processes and I would say , People too.
2.ATTITUDE : Develop and nurture a right attitude. My personal experiences during trips to developed countries, made me conclude that apart from infrastructure and superior technology that they have, they carry themselves with an attitude that make things simpler and honest. They exchange feedback candidly. Which I feel some of us are not comfortable when one tell us to improve.
3.SAFETY : I feel that in this era of racing to grab everything, we have lost importance and value of human life. People are not considerate about impact caused by injuries and deaths to humans. We need to consider safety as an overriding priority.
4.Selfless leadership : No country in this world could develop until they have selfless leaders in their business and offices. People with Greed can not lead. Professional working at higher or leading positions must be ready to “Give”. Our freedom struggle was a classic example of selfless leadership, right in front of us.
My strongest skill
Good Training, Consulting, Coaching skills, Oratory skills, Customer Oriented approach, Empathic and people’s person. Believe in getting Inspiration from within and sharing it others.
Influenced by
I think, most of the influence in my life came from my parents and my wife. Parents has influenced me for Principles and Values in Life.Wife for showing me where I am wrong and where I am good at.
Couple of years from now
I have taken up an assignment to build the business unit of Academy in my organization since 2008-2009. I wish to build it to a height with sales turn over three times than present figures with a decent profits. Wish to make Academy, sustainable for better future.
My family background
I am the only son of my parents. My Dad is now retired and was superintending Engineer in Gujarat Electricity Board. He is double graduate in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. My late Mother was a house wife and was science graduate. My wife is post graduate in Commerce with PG Diploma in Business Management. She helps me in my work too and does free lancing in the field of Crafts and Designs.
My son is Standard 10th student.

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