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Venkat Manthri
Venkat Manthri

Venkat Manthri

Managing Director at DigitalManthri Consulting

Venkat Manthri


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Thoughts on Education system of our country
Indian education industry traditionally was based on the high degree of commitment of teaching community. Now in the new world it is difficult to replicate same commitment because the reward for teachers is not sufficient to be recognized in the society as an esteemed member. Successive governments are focusing on improving other aspects such as reducing the class sizes, reducing weight burden for students but the discussion is not going towards improving the earnings of teachers.

The challenge on the quality cannot be fixed easily as the pace of innovation is very high and teaching cannot focus on dynamic aspects. Teachers personally can add value to the lessons by understanding and teaching latest trends and they need sufficient motivation to do that.
Important decision
I always believed on making decisions and sticking to them. I believe that the decisions I made to start working as a sales person, leaving the government employment to join the IT industry and moving into entrepreneurship are the key decisions that defined my life so far.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Humility is the most critical quality of a leader. Because the leader can influence and motivate large number of people, it is easy to get carried away and start feeling the power. This can lead to development of dark spots and erroneous zones within the leader which eventually render as the quality for downfall. Societies suffered and followers disheartened by the leaders when they step on the erroneous zone which is the most dangerous thing to happen.

Leaders should realize the responsibility of being a leader and should be more practical rather than individualistic. If a leader uses his individual ego in judging something, all his followers will also suffer the consequences along with him/her.
Ensuring success
I strongly believe that one should continue to grow to keep pace with the current conditions around. In the days of high pace of innovation and social change, it is important to continue growing.

Apart from exposing to higher professional challenges, I strongly believe that exposing to new trends and the ways youngsters are shaping up is also very important.
Important lesson learned
The biggest lesson I have learned in my life time is to think independently and take complete responsibility of the outcomes. It gave me immense scope to move across domains without losing the direction. These very attitudes made me challenge myself to change and learn such as taking up a sales job or travelling across the country initially and world later.

My customers became my biggest teachers as they were demanding but yet understanding. This balance shaped my attitude as an Entrepreneur.
My role model
As an individual, my fundamental values were formed because of influence of family and those were still the same.

My personality was changing as I was growing and so also my role models. Like all kids my first role model was my father and then my uncle and then a set of seniors I met who are into creative writing. The biggest of the influencers at this phase was a writer in telugu by name Sri Bharago.

The role models in my professional life consist of my immediate seniors, colleagues and a lot of leaders from my customers side who were extremely demanding and yet very pragmatic. The biggest of influencers at this phase was Mr.Ramanathan who taught us humility as a leader.
Couple of years from now
We have set out to create an Indian Consulting Company and I want to see that this goal is reached firmly by making entry into all aspects of consulting – Technology, Advisory, Accountancy and Audit and Taxation.
Brief description about me
I was brought up in a small town infested with Government own enterprise…people around always like to know and adhere to rules and the culture of breaking the rules or alternative ways of thinking was not present…I however had the privilege of connecting with good amount of people who are into creative writing in the local language…writers, story tellers and journalists. It gave me the learning and courage to think independently rather than following a trend. I have taken up my first job in to sales to break the timid attitude and become more outgoing. After working with a professional company secretary and Government of India, found a way into the budding IT Industry in India.
IT Industry taught me valuable lessons including opportunity to travel to the six continents.
2010 was a defining year for me when I decided to join the start up and Entrepreneurship was a natural extension. We have launched DigitalManthri Consulting
Initiative to develop a country
There is a huge contribution required from professionals for India. We as a great country inherited excellent understanding of life and great value system.

Professionals often get the opportunity to influence a large section of population and if they can understand the ethos of Indian thinking and use the same in their profession, others get opportunity to learn.

The world is changing very fast because of indiscriminate innovation in technology and value systems needs and update as well to judge the people and happenings. In the new world, power and money are not directly proportional to higher level of intellect and maturity and so people can develop erroneous zones easily. I strongly believe that professionals get opportunity to cross larger number of people as a part of their profession and hence can identify the symptoms of stepping into the erroneous zones and can guide.

To be a developed country, I strongly believe that professionals can contribute a lot.
Influenced by
Tough question as I cannot name one. At every stage I found an engine that can give me escape velocity to go into the next orbit. This includes my parents, uncles, seniors at work, other seniors, writers, singers and my customers.
There are a lot of people I count as my gurus as the very interaction with them left lasting influence on me.
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