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Vasudev Kamath
Vasudev Kamath

Vasudev Kamath

Asst.Manager -Marketing and Communications

Tata Communications


Vasudev Kamath is a member of:

My views on India Technical development
Lack of recognition from immediate manager/superiors when the idea is presented. And if the idea is recognised then the lack of enthusiasm/interest shown to take it to the next level of execution and launch by the concerned authorities is where our country and most organisations are lacking. We can bring about a change by encouraging start-ups and young technical talent to build in a common innovation portal, come up with challenges and post comments and likes on a particular product or innovation. Invite Companies, Industries, entrepreneurs to be part of the panel to give a kick start to the project for funding and go-live.Fortunately our company and our group encourages and rewards innovation and is open to ideas coming in from across all levels.
Family background
Born and brought up in Khar, Bombay, India I am married and stay with my dear mother & spouse – Mrs. Mukta. Kamath(M.Phil,Maths) who is working as an Asst.Manager with Syndicate Bank and currently serving her 2 years of rural term in Udupi, Karnataka. Father - Late. Mr. T.V.Kamath was an Investment consultant – Insurance agent all his life who passed away in 2010. Mother --Mrs. Shantha.T.Kamath (B.COM), 75 years of age is now a retired officer who served Syndicate Bank for 36 years. The only son & boy of my parents and the family, I am proud of my achievements and all the positive qualities & values inbuilt in me by my parents and through their genes that makes me competent.
My advice
Tip #1 Never wear a tag of a leader to work: Being a normal human being, employee at work is the mantra e: g: Narayan Murthy. Because the moment the word leader is on top of the head, your ego will overpower your values/ethics. Try and unlearn your process and know what your team does in and out before you can throw your leadership/bossy instructions on getting things done and deliver for you against stringent timelines. Your team will respect you more if you know your subject matter and this will go a long way in taking you to great heights.
Tip #2 Don’t plan your career : What do I mean by don’t plan your career? Often great people land up making bad decisions about their careers based on preconceived notions of where they want to be in five or 10 years. They feel like they have to make a certain amount of money, have a certain title, be promoted every three years, or move on.
Team Management
I enjoy a warm & compatible working environment and expect the same with those around me. My distinct goal is always to rearrange, shape, construct and bring in new ways and give dimensions, which work towards the upliftment of the present situation. In today’s competitive working environment where everyone is on the move and technology is playing a vital contributor we find teams at our workplace working on innovative platforms of communications such as Jamvee, Salesforce chatter, TelePresence and video conference meetings, Unified communications, Lync, Live meetings, IP Telephony, Soft phones, e-mails, etc to get things executed and moving faster for the end users. Go Social seems to be the Mantra for the next genaration.
Leadership qualities
The below are some of the Leadership qualities we imbibe at our workplace and i completely agree to be a sucessful leader one should demonstarte these leadership skills:
1)Ability to Energise

2)Assume Responsibility

3)Translate ideas into reality

4)Think and act with focus on profit

5)People centricity, empathy and listening
Excellence in Management
My contribution has been to continuously engage employees and improve the ESAT(Employee Satisfaction/Employee Engagement) score for a team size of 3000 employees in various innovative formats.
Current Job description
I am currently managing Internal communications and Strategic initiatives and Communications at our corporate office responsible for ideation & creative inputs for Internal & External communications, End to end campaign management for Motivational & incentive based Campaigns, Employee engagement, Rewards & Recognitions, Global Intranet Portal, Internal Newsletter in HTML format, Town hall meets, Global All Hands Call, Cost savings, Cost Optimisation measures & constant creativity & innovation at workplace by bringing in new & innovative measures ensuring the internal community are motivated (E-SAT) & (C-SAT) scores are moving upwards at all times for the Service Assurance, Field Operations(India), Service Delivery teams & Global Service Management,FIM(India) teams.
Important career decisions
They say career decisions are not made; circumstances make you take such decisions. To make a switch from BPO/ITES to Telecom domain would be the most important career decision having being made. Though I genuinely miss the process driven and robust BPO/ITES industry.
Managing personal and professional life
They say to err is human – No body is perfect. A true leader is one who learns from his own and others mistakes and ensures that they are not repeated in future and connects the dots by maintaining a proper work life balance both for self and giving his team members their space to enjoy as well.
Influenced by
That would undoubtedly be my dear Mother – Mrs. Shantha.T.Kamath truly a living legend, for all the words of wisdom she has taught me till date and I continue to get inspired each day by her. God bless her with all the good health and a long life. My Tip: To all young and aspiring leaders: If you are at any point in your life unsure of what to do or would like a second opinion, do ask your dear mom for advice, chances are you will never go wrong.
Handling Grievances
By being empathetic towards the employee and hearing him/her out and giving him/her a chance to tell his side of the story. Post which pacify the employee in an appropriate manner and check what is the best possible solution to employee’s grievance.
Ensuring Growth
Being updated with what’s happening around the globe, be it social media, following important topics of discussions & groups on LinkedIn or spending about 2 hours over the weekends on television on Media and technology sites. Attending Seminars from eminent speakers, organisers and marketers when they are organised in town to increase ones EQ and connect with more people. Online trainings, webinars, Reading newspapers and magazines to name a few. Tip :To the GEN "Y" out there growth need not necesarily be vertical or lateral, whats more important is how much difference can you make and what value you can bring through your knowledge,expertise and potential to your organsiation that in real terms will quantify your GROWTH in the years to come!!
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