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Umakanta Tripathy
Umakanta Tripathy

Umakanta Tripathy

HR Executive

Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. (Vedanta Limited CAIRN Oil And Gas)


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Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
The capacity to create,
A willingness to take responsibility,
Practical ideas,
Positive Attitude
these helps to identifying a leader and giving them a platform to show their ability.
Current HR Trends:
Outsourcing of recruitment processes
Leadership Coaching
Work-life balance
Recruiting new generation:
Gen Y is a unique and iconoclastic bunch of today's workforce. They can be young, smart and brash and tend to prefer working in a flexible setting as they demand better work-life balance . They are ambitious and they question. They find solutions and have methods to their madness. Identifying and retaining them could be both easy and difficult depending on the organisational culture and lifecycle. They tend to flourish in transparent and go getter settings. Some of the top wish list for employment that Gen Y carries:

• Work/life balance
• To be heard and valued
• Regular recognition
• Work in a fun atmosphere
• Motivated by challenge and a collaborative environment

Again, Pearson TalentLens's SOSIE personality test helps identify workplace motivators for Gen Y, that an inform engagement strategies in organizations.
Parting Thoughts
Does technology create income disparities? ????
What is technology? Technology is the knowledge of using tools machines and other accessories. It includes methods of problem solving and organization so that we can do a work in a more effective way in less time. At present we can’t live without technology or in better words we have become addicted to technology. With internet computers, mobile phones, luxury cars each and every field is now being depending on the technology for their success. The advantages and benefits that technology provides us are unlimited. In fact we will never be able to imagine a life with all these luxury and technical help we have on our finger tips.

Now let us come to the topic
How does technology create income disparities? Or does technology Creates Income Disparities? One thing that comes to my mind is technology benefits only the person who knows how to use it.
Helping to develop the country
When Scientist, engineer, management professionals migrates to a more developed country to learn in its universities, perform research,or gain working Experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. These professionals then return to their home country after several years of experience to start a related business, teach in a university.
Improving Education system
Education system should be practical based and industry oriented
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