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Ask Swagata Padmapati for Advice
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Swagata Padmapati
Swagata Padmapati

Swagata Padmapati


Retail Industry

Brief description about me
I am swagata (swagata padmapati) aged 25 passed out of NIFT,Chennai..As a person I am gregarious and boisterous.Some one who is a go getter.and wants to make things happen for herself in life .A philanthropist for colleagues and juniors who loves to get mentored for ideas.I have an open mind and accommodate any good things that comes in life.I like to have open discussion on various subjects thats come as a concern for anything within my ambit.I love to stimulate intellectual discussion and keep abreast on various topics.I am a person who believes in being a jack of all trade.A person should know something about everything in life though this thought is being advocated by many experts when it comes for job interview.I like to further a forum where different aspects of the same industry is kept in purview because at one level every function becomes a subset of other cross departmental activity.I believe that no environment is a closed system as even a closed system in a bottle with a tight lid is interacting in some way with the immediate environment in the surrounding.

Professionally I am 1-.4 year in the so called retail industry and still struggling to become one of the best fit there.The course so far had been pretty much with meandering experiences that are replete with many professional and personal set backs but I am happy as I have been able to overcome most of the hurdle.All through out the way it has been learning and unlearning most of the things.Here I would say “UNLEARNING IS VERY IMPORTANT THAN LEARNING THINGS”.

Important Career decision
As i have already given you an hindsight about what I am actually as a person,some one who wants to be a jack of all trades so taking a specific career decision had always been a problem.However so far whatever decision I have made on the career front had been the best of what has come my way.I had always dreamt of some dream job meeting certain deliverables but actually in real time and space it never materialised partly because I never wanted to restrict myself in knowing a specific area or because the big guys upstairs in the industry partially begged to differ as in India the soul directive to launch a person in an area in souly governed by the education that you have from colleges.Its an industry which thrives to give more weightage on the percentile you meet in colleges and the educational background you have .it completely denies to screen a person on his/her skills and celebral capabilities are not realised.I have handled real time operations project to branding to ecommerce had been real time learning all along the way.

Degree that matters
It is very important to take degrees from reputed institutes as these given you soft launching pads to enter any sector you choose to work with.However more than degrees or alongside I would say to keep taking out extensive projects as these are real time experiences in life where you learn a lot.

Prospective towards frashers
Manpower is one of the most crucial factor for the success of any company and hiring a fresher could be looked as taking risk as it involves a lot of training on the first level but you should also realise that the first 3-4 years out of student life any individual gives his utmost commitment to work because he is busy gathering a lot of skills which is important for his career and he stays low on budget as well as commitment.The company can actually make use of that resource then.Moreover any company should always invest in updating the employees and retaining them however the systems in India is always cost driven and not process driven.there should be processes for every function which is simplified in a way to make things more working.How many HR’s do you actually see investing in man power and training them meticulously.You find mostly companies firing people than realising the real talent of the resource pool.You would definitely be taking risk a fresher if you don't train them enough.  

My strongest skill
I am good at building rapport with people and drawing analysis of different things that pertains me or interest me .

My role model
I draw my inspiration from any one who is worth admiring.I will be wrong if i mention any person in particular.There are so many things that you keep learning from different people.Only when you hit something big people recognise you.i derive my role models from people who people will never know because they have not done remarkably gigantic in life but have endeared a lot of circumstances which have befallon on them.I dnt like people striking headlines i like people who have potential to strike headlines.I like some one wjo is a runners up and not a winner cause once you win you stop and i would not like to stop.categorically speaking i like first generation entrepreneurs.

Upcoming trends
Trends are always dictated by the market and economic forces and one of the biggest trend is “recession”.In my feild pricing and good logistics service bagged with good technology and human resource will be game changing in couple of years.You cannot do business in traditional formats to see how your balance sheet reflect .You need to invest in technology,process and team.

My goal
I do not plan my life infact a lot of planning has never helped.let me go ahead another 5 years and then il try to join various dots so far i have linked backwards.As a person i love interacting with people and analyzing things so any area i choose to go needs to have these two skills.

family background
Middle class with retired father,housewife mother and a baby sister doing her studies from some college.

Advice from elders
Do not trade of time and experience with money.That has helped me in some way. And make good network for connections.

My achievements
Cannot think of any particular one now.I have felt good on succeeding anything that I have taken up.

Advice to students
1.Donot trade of time and experience with money.That has helped me in some way.It will help you as well

2.And make good network for connections.This may be a way for getting next switch for your work.

3.Have some savings and don't empty your basket because you never know when your company is planning to throw you out of the job.

4.After getting a job start training yourself from the first day itself,invest in upgrading yourself and become resourceful.

5.Never challenge your boss because ultimately he/she will keep you in doesnot matter whether he is skilled or not.Donot revolt unless you are not indispensable.

6.Be disciplined at work or even if you are not pretend to be one

7.Always have a free and frank exterior with reserved and prudent interior.

8.Know your enemies weakness

9Dont buy advise of many but be patient in listening to them.Be cautious in whose you are buying.

10.In office you make good networks not friends.Always remember.

My point of view
The following are the root cause for being incompetitive:

1.There is no policy and reforms for the education system in india.there are endless colleges for engineering which every year churns out millions of engineers but the fact is do we need so many of them? Is there any match in the demand and supply chain?

2.Do we invest in creating processes that gives revenue indigenously.we donot fund heavy Rand D projects.But we do spend 30 crore in keeping a terrorist alive and hanging him one fine morning.Why because we are democracy and we need to show compassion but can we show compassion in getting real development in democracy where thousands are struggleing to  get jobs?No because we choose to close our brains.

3.Are we a corporate who is process driven or we live in a corporation of people who we make them machines to deliver targets without proper training and expertise.I think we are still a corporation here.

There needs to be a progressive arrangement in the country to incubate new ideas,fund them,develope them in controlled environment and test them.However to do all these it involves spending crores of money and harnessing the right talent pool for the same which we have not been able to do because we are not research centric to create better processes and work environment .We are still ruled by the 1st world nations who help get us some revenue and we are happy taking our regular cheques home.Even an intensive R&D needs extensive training in the same processes for longer period of time but the whole system is driven on unrealistic targets and less of retention real talents.

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