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Suyog Potdar
Suyog Potdar

Suyog Potdar

Software Engineer

Tech Mahindra

Most proud accomplishment
Every day is an accomplishment for me, I have set daily goals for me, I try my best to achieve them, they are as simple as making someone happy, work on my weaknesses to turn them into stengths, sparing some time for my passions, my hobbies.
My uniqueness
About Myself
Google It - "Suyog Potdar"
View s for better India
I think Students can play a vital role in development of our nation. You can't expect a country to develop if it doesn't have literate people. Students who are studying would be working tomorrow. Students are the future Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen. They would be the pillars, the country would be standing on.
In India, the idea of involving students in the task of national service dates back to the times of Mahatma Gandhi. The central theme which he tried to impress upon his student was the social responsibility.

Students, these days, are taking keen interest in Politics, they are becoming more and more responsible for our country. The most awaited Lok Pal Bill has passed today, we can't ignore the contribution of Students in this, may it be as small as supporting Anna on Streets or sharing the vibrant thoughts on Social Media. The younger generation, the technosavy generation is bringing a revolution in the country.
Spare time activities
A Long List, Although I work in a Software Industry, I am person finding keen interest in every form of arts. Singing Tops the list. Listening Music, Anchoring, Acting, Writing, Hanging Out with Friends, Traveling, Learning Different Languages, etc.. etc.
Favorite subject
I have different Strongest Subjects from Different Fields, well, The subjects in which I find interest are always stronger for me.
Challenges facing by students
Time, these days, the biggest challenge every student face is Time, they have lots of things to do, curricular, extra-curricular, and have same 24Hrs everyday. Managing the Time, Prioritizing the work, Study-Work-Life Balance is Must.
Favorite Books and Articles
"The Secret - Rhonda Byrne". I have stopped thinking negative since that day and started finding something positive in every negative thing that happens with me, and very sooner I get to know that the one I considered as a negative thing was actually a positive.
First Job Expectation
Working on something that Interest me, Work-Life Balance and last but not the Least SALARY.
Time Management
For me "Time is the real Money", One should learn to manage the Time and Prioritizing things, because "If you can't manage the Time, The Time will manage You". While Prioritizing, sometimes its what I have to do and sometimes what I wanted to do. It should alternate, you have to maintain a balance between your wish and work.
Family Background
I am the only child to my Parents and Dad is a Businessman, Mom Homemaker, a family with a high values, a family which strongly believe in "Simple Living, High Thinking"
Career Expectations
These days you can see Automization in each and every field, there is a maximum use of technology, may it be a software Industry, Music Industry or anything else. Just there is a need to Automize yourself, when you are destined to do something, you inner self should push you to get it done.
Most flourishing college experience
When I have got selected as Student of the Year in my Engineering College.
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Competency Lead - BI
Optimal Solutions
Managing Director
Managing Director
Global Institute for Corporate Education
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Oracle India Pvt.