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Susmita Dasgupta
Susmita Dasgupta

Susmita Dasgupta

Chief Ideator Smart iDeAS

Smart iDeAS


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Role Model:
Mostly my family - my mother's father, who was a dancer, writer, basket ball player and active member of the family planning commission. I am also influenced by my parents. The other person I should mention is my first boss with whom I started my career. He taught me to believe in myself.
Required Reading:
Our ancient Indian books of wisdom - these books are full of insights that make one understand a lot of things about our social and professional lives. And I strongly believe that all marketing professionals should have a good understanding of psychology. So I suggest "Road Less Traveled".
Degrees That Matter:
MBA from a good school is good start or a good push depending on when you do it. But I would say that keeping your skill constantly upgraded through self learning is the best thing to do. Read everything. Everything has a value.
Growth Strategy:
At the moment I am working on expanding my business not only service wise but also geographically. As a leader I would like to see myself motivating my people to work towards that goal as well as attract some new, fresh talents.
Done Differently:
I am quite happy actually about where I have reached and how. But if I still have to reply, I would say that I would do my MBA little earlier than I did now :)
Job Profile:
Aha! That's a tough one :) My company is called Smart iDeAS and I am the Chief Ideator. So, basically I am the one who is responsible for all ideas - good or bad :) But on a serious note, I manage the advisory services for both organizations and individuals.
Advice For New Professionals:
Don't look for short-cuts, work hard, learn from everyone around you and don't take your job as a mean to earn money. Money would come if you are good in your profession. Most importantly enjoy what you are doing. And Oh! dont forget any of your childhood passions. They provide you with the kicks.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
We had more people available to work and less jobs, now its more jobs but less suitable people. Things have changed in that perspective. However, competitiveness has always been the same; though career shifting is more common now.
Working Life Management:
Oh! I spend 60% of my time on work and 40% on other things in life. I am dancer, I travel quite a lot, I write and I conduct dance workshops in different places. I think my work and my life outside work are very well coordinated and they actually are in sync with each other.
The Journey So Far:
I started right after my graduation as a management trainee in a company who are world leaders in their Industry. After 9 years there, when I was the Head of Marketing for Indian subcon biz, I left and did my MBA. Post that, about couple of years of consulting experience & then Smart iDeAS happened.
Career Profile:
Previously I was working for someone, now I work for myself :) and since we are a start-up each one of us in the organization has lots of responsibilities to fulfill.
Plans For The Future:
I would rather say I want to see Smart iDeAS reaching its full potential in the next 2 years. Also as a brand, I would like it to have a much better recall. We have some terrific plans and I want to see us all reaching there successfully.
Other Thoughts:
As a woman entrepreneur I would like to see more and more women take the entrepreneurial route. There are plenty of opportunities just waiting to be grabbed.
The Decisions That Matter
No 1. Taking a break and doing my MBA
No 2. Starting on my own.
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