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Differentiate Strategies in place with your Competitors

The big differentiator of Cinemax has been that though it competes
with other players on luxury, Cinemax has always positioned itself as a
value for money destination.
Unique strategies that gone unseen or a superhit.
Cinemax has been a destination of Film Festivals and alternate content.
This has a very large trade impact, but not much consumer impact.
Market share Captured
Cinemax has now gained around 30% more market share in the last 2years.
Positioning products in market
The positioning of Cinemax has always been Value for Money
Brand Identity creation
At Cinemax we believe that the product that we sell is a brand. Hence,
we work with studios more, to deliver large share of voice
Strategies in place
The current year strategy is Mobility. Cinemax is pushing consumers to
book online, on the mobile using social media to drive sales.
Todays Marketing Trend
Marketing is fast changing. Its definition is changing, since the way the consumers consumes is changing.
Biggest pain point
The biggest pain point in our business has been government taxes and
regulations. Today that is hurting us in forms of growing business and
also in the way we do our business.
Matrix to Long sale cycle and multiple Buyers at same time
We talk sales through 4 cycles:

  • One time patron

  • Latent Patron

  • Repeat Patron

  • Lapse Patron
Accurate model of customers buying process
We have mapped the customer process accurately.
Relationship of Marketers with the CEOs
The marketer role is an essential relationship since marketing helps enhance revenues.
From a customer point of view Purchasing of a product Is
Ease of availability when it comes to tickets and quality when it comes to F&B.
Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools
Social media is developing and hence too early to comment.
Past, present and future of Marketing for marketing experts
ROI is the past, present and future of marketing. Marketing is an investment and hence needs to deliver ROI.
Opportunities for Business in 2012- the ways to take advantage of them
Our business is content based and with a strong flow of content, the opportunity is large.
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