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Suman Bhattacharya
Suman Bhattacharya

Suman Bhattacharya

Competency Head, S/W Product Engineering 881984 TCS


Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
A product is something which needs proper marketing and then product planning. In India we lack in product management which consists of both planning & marketing. The day we are matured enough on what the customer's need and plan accordingly & deliver we can have world class product.
My achievement
Two patents on speech technology & the research I did (speech synthesizer for Oriya language) was for common man application and that gives me a lot of pleasure.
Making job easier
I do constantly enhance my knowledge by various means like reading, attending expert sessions, participating in conferences and workshops etc. Sometime taking few sessions for others also make me enhance my knowledge by many fold.
My strongest Skill
Communication & team work. Bringing innovation of whatever I do.
Family Background
I have my wife and four year old daughter Shana. She is joining Loyola School Bhubaneswar this year in LKG.
Being different
Innovation, Analytical ability, pro-activeness, problem solving ability, effective communication etc... are the core value i imbibe in my every day work & these are the key differentiators.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Don't take your work to home and don't bring your home to work... this is one mantra i follow... give importance to the suggestion of your family members and make their fun activities to yours....Don't impose your office rules to them...
Goals and Ambitions
Creating a world class S/W Product Engineering & Management academy @ TCS.
Company and job profile
I work in TCS & present role is Competency Head, Software Product Engineering. I am a PhD in computer science and my research interest is Speech Technology, NLP, Enterprise Architecture, S/W Design etc.. I am a fun loving person love to read books on technology, spirituality & people management.
Current Trends
1. Video Based & interactive Learning, 2. Service to Product Transition.
Challenges faced in job
Innovate, Innovate & Innovate....Document the innovation & create IP.
My role model
Swami Vivekananda....symbol of youth power & how to realize the potential of individual & translate the power it to work/Karma...
My advice
As I said focus on your creativity and document it once a new idea comes to your mind. Realize your potential and act upon it. Enjoy what ever is assigned to you and that will bring good results.
My important career decision
Complete the higher study before joining any organization for job. Coz your job commitment are most priority than your personal interest at some point. I followed the same and enjoying life :-)
Books recommended
Books on Agile System, People Management, S/W Product Line etc...many more..
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