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Subhakanta Dash
Subhakanta Dash

Subhakanta Dash


Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd

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Of course Branding is the cup of tea for any organisation. The current trend in India is Customer Centric Approach Marketing. Normally people prefer a good brand and the price tag in the other end. But at the end of the day a brand wins the race. The simple reason behind this is brand gives the assurance of reliability and consistent performance.
Importance of 4ps
Product,Price,Promotion and Place. As a human body will be incomplete without any part(e.g.- hand,leg etc) like that 4P's are the vital part of marketing for an organisation.The first element of 4P's enhance an organisation to forecast whether the product will make it a day for long run or short run. The second element is as vital as water for tree because in Indian context people always do have a clear-cut mapping in terms of price of a product to that of its existing competitors. The 3rd element makes an organisation to establish it's branding process in the market if it is new to the market. For an existing company it just adds a value to it brand. By this they can inform to the market and customers that they are still in the game and they are here to enrich the life of its prospective customers by providing excellent products in regular interval.
Importance of sales
Sales is the backbone of ant organisation whether it deals with products or services. Sales generate revenues and we all know how much importance the revenue do carry in business as well as in personal life. It is the amount of sales that establishes an organisation as a brand in the competitive market.
Importance of STP
We can call these as the tools of marketing. If we don't know for whom the product is exactly made or designed then we have lost the battle from the beginning.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Marketers should always be appraised for their performance because they are like wheels of a vehicle.I just want to say one thing i.e. Instead of doing Customer Centric Approach Marketing try to initiate and apply human centric approach marketing.
Role in an organization
Currently I belong to the unemployed category.In general I would like to say that professionalism should be the bread and butter for an individual with special reference to an organisation. For the instance if i were working as a strategist in any organisation then my basic role would be, I always believe in achieving the objective in any manner (ethical). I do always have 3 basic plans in my mind. If plan A fails then apply plan B and if plan B fails then apply plan C. If plan C fails then get back to your plan A and just do little modification then definitely that will make your day.
Motivating Factor
For the time being I m a kid in the corporate world. As a kid needs a good environment to grow up like that job satisfaction is the main thing that motivates me to create a mutual beneficial relationship. Apart from the job satisfaction Salary and rewards also make an important contribution.
Brief yourself
I believe in reality not in perception. My friends say my confidence level is very high and I am a good leader. Last but not the least I can adjust to any kind of environment very quickly.
Hope is the only thing that gives you the reason to fight for any thing personally or as a team. If you all will loose your hope then you finished yourself.As in the number system 1 even number comes after one odd number like that one good result will come after one bad result. So there is nothing to worry about take your positive things into count that you have done in past but never forget the odd days of your life as it will work as a guide for you in some situations. Last but not the least failure is the pillar of success. Go ahead guys you can do it I believe you will do it. All the best and let's have a cup of tea together after 1 month here only.
What can be achieved
There is no limit for a marketing person in the corporate filed when it comes to success. In terms of position it may be limited but success has no limit. Position is short term but success is long term.
Importance of Marketing
It is equally important to that of a elder son has the responsibility towards his family.
Positioning the product
By taking the USP of a product is enough to position one product in the market.
Marketing starts rightly before selling. Selling is only done after the availability of a product or service but marketing is done before the availability of a product or service.
Marketing is a process to enrich the the knowledge of a customer regarding the value of a product or service.
First thing unique marketing approach can be generated from every individual as per the prevailing situation. A book written by Philip Kotler will work as a tool to enhance the knowledge.When it comes to magzines 4P's magazine by Arindam Choudhury is a good one. Times of India news paper and Google search engine are the best friends for a marketer.
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