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Soumyajyoti Das
Soumyajyoti Das

Soumyajyoti Das

Senior Software Engineer

Zensar Technologies Ltd.


Soumyajyoti Das is a member of:

My strongest Skill
I consider myself as a hardcore team member with abilities to understand people and make them understand my concern which indirectly helped me in requirement gathering from clients.
Apart from that I am a quick learner of technologies and process and that's why though I am a basically java developer I worked in Linux environment and participated myself in build creation for all of my projects.
Another important part is my communication, this helps me a lot in discussions with clients on business process and gathering information.
Challenges faced in job
Though I am a Java developer I never find difficulties in writing application logic, the most challenging part for me is understanding the requirement.
That is why before starting writing codes I always try to understand the requirement thoroughly and with the help of my communication and learning ability I always try to understand the business process which in turn gives me opportunity to communicate directly with the client or various business member.
Another thing I found challenging about my job is technical exposure. As I work as projects which involves latest technologies and frameworks apart from Core Java and J2EE so sometimes I need to go through various training and learning i.e Linux, Maven, Cruise-control, spring, MVC which is helping me at present and will help me in future as well.
Making job easier
As I have already mentioned about my communication as I always believe communication is very much necessary in all part of our lives. With my communicative skill I always participate actively in different team meetings and events and try to impose my concerns there.

Another thing is my technical understanding and ability to learn, this also helps me to work actively in projects. Even when I was a junior developer my codes been used in different other projects as well.
My role model
I am very much inspired by two great heroes, Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
Actually I am from the native place of Vivekananda,Belurmath. That's why I am always been motivate by his story and idea of simple living and high thinking.
And Subhas Chandra Bose, is someone who always inspire me to fight and think differently. His personality, his way of giving speech , his aim of life always attracts me.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
First of all, I think Government has to be more flexible in terms of budgets for creating our own software companies and giving necessary lands for the same and moreover motivate small scale Indian companies to grow. If our small scale companies will grow I think the technical professionals will also be more inspired and motivated to work for them.
The main reason of these professionals who look to go abroad and work for different foreign companies is the attractive salary structure, so I think if the Indian companies also start giving the similar salary structure, the professionals will also get motivated to work for them.
and not only salary the work culture, the technical environments all are integral part for this lack.
Being different
I really don't try to segregate myself from others. Everybody has their own view, not necessarily engineer's view is always right.
So, I always try to listen people and try to analyze their point of view in different discussions.
But being an engineer I do have some social responsibility to make people understand the importance of technicality.I tried to help people in different areas by understanding the thought process and this in turns help me in my career too.
Books recommended
There are concept to get more marks in college life and according to me this concept is very dangerous as students only concentrate for marks without in-depth knowledge.
So, my recommendation is to read technical books thoroughly, sometimes you feel the language is tough, sometimes you feel that the contents are more descriptive but this kind of book certainly contains more information.

And for practicals I recommend students to do as many codes as they can write because writing codes is helpful to write application logic easily.There are lot of tools are there in the market to write codes, for example, for Java there are eclipse, Net beans but I recommend students to not to use those in college life as because then they become more dependent on these tools and not remember various classes and methods' signature.
Family Background
I am from a middle-class family of Kolkata,West Bengal. My father is a retired Food Corporations of India (FCI) employee, my mother is housewife though she used to work a German NGO named Gray-Caltes.I have an elder sister, she is a Mechanical Engineer and works as Autocad specialist.
My important career decision
Actually Mathematics was my favorite subjects throughout my career and I always wanted to work with Mathematics, but while pursuing Higher Secondary I did appear for the entrance exams of Btech (because of parents only ) and fortunately got a very good rank the Entrance Exam and decided to pursue Btech instead of my first love Math (tough decision though !!) and at present I can say that was right.
Company and job profile
I am Soumyajyoti Das, I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, I have passed my Secondary and Higher Secondary from Uttarpara Govt. High School in the year 2002 and 2004 respectively with 79% and 72% respectively.After that I have pursued BTech from WBUT, West Bengal in the year 2008 with 80% marks overall.

Currently I am working as Senior Software Engineer at Zensar Technologies Ltd., Pune and at present I am in Johannesburg, South Africa as Enhancement and Support Specialist in a company named STRATE, an authorized Central Securities Depository of South Africa.

I have started my career with Zensar Technologies Ltd. in Sept'2008 as Management Trainee. I have worked as Java, J2EE developer in various projects like Beneficiary Download (BND) associated with STRATE, South Africa and Clearly Business (CB) associated with Barclay,UK and got appreciation from Zensar and various clients as well and been awarded several times for the same.
My advice
First of All, I suggest to forget about the college life as College life and Professional life is not the same.
They should always follow Process, Company Rules and regulations, should attend all the meetings and must maintain corporate standards.
Should go through all the technical trainings available for them.
Should communicate with the team mates as much as they can but not to impose their own thought unnecessarily.
Should take the responsibility of the work they will be asked to do.
Should participate in all the team events.
Should be very flexible of the work timings.
There are many more though but according to me these above mentioned are necessary as a first step to the corporate world.
Managing professional as well as personal life
This is very simple for me as of now as I am unmarried.
I try to finish my work on time and for me work is fun.So I never thought work as extra responsibility.
I consider myself as a hardcore developer so I love to write codes and I feel very satisfied if any of my code works properly.
But this is only a part of me, I am a sportsman outside my profession and like to participate almost all the outdoor games, like to communicate with various people, like to hang out with friends and family and basically I like to behave the same in professional life as of my personal life but of-course within the company rules and regulations.And because of this I somehow make a balance of my professional and personal life.
Current Trends
If I am considering the technicality, I think some new framework is in the market which will be game changing (in your words) like Spring, JSF and apart from that Object orient concept is also being evolved.
And the Android market will be emerged at his fullest I guess which will also be noticeable.
My achievement
If I am considering the achievements of professional life, there are lot of awards I have been given by Zensar Technologies and clients as well.

I have got "Emerging Star" award from Zensar in the very next year(2009) I joined Zensar for my technical ability and my contribution for BND Project.

I have got Spot Award from my team of Beneficiary Download (BND) for my contribution and dedication towards my work.

I have been chosen for managing projects from client place and I came to STRATE to enhance and siupport Money Market Front End (MMFE) project in Johannesburg, South Africa and I am here since April'2010.

I have got Customer Centricity awards twice from STRATE for helping their clients for managing and installing MMFE Application.
Goals and Ambitions
A hardworking motivated professional seeking a challenging position in progressive environment that uses my technical and analytical skills and provides ample opportunities in the world of emerging technology.
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