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Sushant Bharti
Sushant Bharti

Sushant Bharti

Co Founder and Managing Partner

366Pi Consulting


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Thoughts on Education system of our country
There couldn't be any better time to answer this question, considering the recent visit and announcement of the British Prime Minister "David Cameroon". However, even though the picture looks rosy, it's only an icing on the cake.

The actual benefit of the education could be realized only when it could reach with uniform quality to every section of the society. It's like having a single malt and that shouldn't get diluted or compromised in quality. The focus of education system should be to create leaders, imbibe value,and focus on practical implementation of the acquired knowledge than doing "Rattofication" for the sake of passing some exam.

It's time to look beyond the existing framework of PCMB and introduce new courses, at the same time providing enough freedom to students to chose what he/she wants to pursue. This could be possible through setting up the right R&D infrastructure, and private-public partnership in few key areas.

We need to execute things at right time, and way.
More about myself
I would like to discuss something about the emerging entrepreneurial environment within the country. Having worked with plethora of clients, especially startups, across the globe i feel India still lacks in terms of creating the optimum ecosystem to flourish entrepreneurship.

There are entrepreneurs out there with awesome ideas, right set of skills, and excellent products to be served, but with very few value oriented funding options. The outcome is that either some of them eventually die out or are just get funded without any actual on-the-ground hand-holding. This is one under served area where the focus of 366Pi Consulting lies and we're trying to come out with an altogether new platforms to help such entrepreneurial community achieve an organic growth.

India has everything to produce next global entrepreneurs and what is needed is just a right set of policies to let them flourish and equally good support in terms of right mentoring than just focusing on ROI in the short run.
My strongest skill
My skills lies primarily within Business and Management Consulting. Few key areas for which i am known within my network, in no particular order, is

1. Strategic Planning (Go-To-Market, Pricing, Branding etc)
2. Business Strategy
3. Business Planning
4. Business Investment (Angel/VC/PE/Bank)
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Market Planning
7. Product Management
8. Innovation Planning
9. Business Model
10.Integrated Brand Planning
11. Digital Marketing
12. StartUp Mentoring
13. CXO Advisory
My achievements
Till date I maintain a cent-percent list of satisfied clients, across the globe, with awesome feedback and repeat business from many of them.

Also, none of my business plans has ever failed to raise an Investment wherein I have raised Investments from US$ 2 mn to US$ 80 mn.
Couple of years from now
I see myself pretty much at 366Pi Consulting and 366Pi Technologies, and carrying success stories under the name of my companies. I believe I, along with 366Pi, will be known more for nurturing and creating few good leaders and businesses.

I value to be known for Values than carrying some C-Tag to satisfy ones ego without any contribution to the society at large. I would love to be known just as a "Business & Management Consultant" with attributes as mentioned above.
Ensuring success
I am trying to reach and get connected to the right set of individuals, as much as I can. The journey has been good so far and I hope to continue the growth in near future. I, along with 366Pi, is trying to help peoples, that falls within our capability area, in a best possible ways we can without making any false commitment and promises.

As said previously, we're in a process to create an ecosystem and pretty soon you'll find us creating big stories and changing the market dynamics as far as StartUp fraternity is concerned.

The best I am doing is maintaining balance within my personal and professional life. I am a voracious reader and I try to read as diverse as I can in my free time so as to be able to remain connected to the latest trends, fads, and Innovation.

I discuss various things within my friends, family, and close network so as to be able to learn what I could have missed.

I try to be of value to anyone I could be, given my capability and skills.
Important lesson learned
There is something you learn everyday if you possess that attitude towards learning. Rather than sharing any particular lesson or learning I would like to suggest few things.

Try to apply common sense in whatever you do as it's our thinking process that makes a solution look complex. Focus on delivering value than anything for earning some quick dime. Do what you're good at and not what any other person is doing. Learn to believe in yourself and have trust in something if not many things. Whatever you do, be honest and be committed. There is no short cut, just innovative approach.
Influenced by
This one is a tough question for me as i'm a kind of person who believe in learning from any available source or person. I have learnt so many things with people around me that it's a bit challenging for me to take any name in particular for any specific reason. However, i have learnt too many things, from taking the first step to having an independence to make my own decisions, from my parents in particular and family in general and hence I owe everything to them.
My role model
The answer is exactly same as written for the last question. I don't have any role model in particular, but I owe my learning and success to so many of them. The prominent one being my parents for making me learn the art of understanding people and making practical decisions.
Degree that I recommend
Blame it on education system that we still focus so much on Degrees/Certifications. Not everyone with MBA becomes entrepreneur, neither every Software Engineer a "Narayan Murthy", nor every drop out a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs for that matter.

Try to understand what you are good at, what you want to do, your larger purpose behind the same, and then see if any Degree or Certification could help you to understand the trade. Rather than me suggesting or promoting any formal Degree/Certification, it should be your own choice.
Brief description about me
I am an Entrepreneur by passion, Management Consultant by profession, Business Advisor by skill, and a Mentor by choice. I am a Management (MBA) grad and worked larger part of my career as an Independent Consultant with clients across the globe. As a Consultant my role has always been to plan and execute strategic business initiatives for companies looking to surpass the threshold at an inflection point. I have helped vast pool of clients with business investment activity and none of my business plans have ever failed to raise an investment. My Investment raising experience range from US$ 2 mn to US$ 80 mn.

As an Independent Consultant I always wanted to create success stories which I could share with people as my own. Hence, I Co-Founded a consulting business and top it up with a Tech venture. I am equally optimistic about continuing my success stories under the name of 366Pi group of companies. I trust I will be able to contribute to my clients' success as I always used to.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
There could be so many of them and mentioning any particular quality would be like demeaning the word "Leader" and trying to write each and every quality definitely requires more than 1000 characters as allowed by you. However, one thing for sure "A successful leader creates more Leaders".
Important decision
I guess I'm too young to think about any important decisions that i could have made. This sounds more like as if I'm retired and reaching the last leg of my life, while the fact is that I've just started.

I guess I have made my own decisions and which one were, or could be, essential only time will tell.
Initiative to develop a country
I believe most of us are doing this under the tag "Jugaad" and what is required is to create an ecosystem or platform to bring all Juggads under a roof and let people explore synergy. Somebody might have invented the next wheel, somebody the next steering, somebody the next design, and next many things through Juggad. What is required is some common platform where everyone can collaborate and create a next vehicle.

The idea is to focus on mutual value and appreciating the same.
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