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Shubham Pareek
Shubham Pareek

Shubham Pareek

CA Final

H.s gupta and associates

Favorite subject
I am a religious person and this is the strongest part of my life, because that is the truth of life that we have to die everyone any day and we are doing only sinful activities what is there after life where from we are coming where we will go after death.
If a person is not concerned about these types of question than our life is useless. so you should have to know about all this. who are you, where you belongs from, did u came here without any reason
Most influenced factor
There is so many persons who influenced my to achieve my carrer, so many person put finger you are wasting your time but only i know what i am doing is only right thing, we cannot stop people from saying but we can shut there mouth by doing something big
Time Management
Generally i prefer small works to do them first, might be its possible that if i got busy in big work i can forget to do the small works, finish your small works and then easily concentrate on the other works,
Most flourishing college experience
From starting i was very average boy in the class not in top not in bottom but. but when i got great marks and passing both group on ca my all friends my teachers shocked what he did, i won state level competition in college time
About Myself
I am connected by siliconindia with co-incedencly, when I was in a spot (CA) I purchased a book name scanner and they give me a free code with that book which are something free updates relating to the subject. i put the URL of site and its open i just log but it was so complicated and by some other link i came on siliconindia site for a time i think that is the same site which is written on book, then i close the browser after some time i started getting mails from this site i was quite uninterested to read the articles once i try to do it unsubscribe but when i went on this site i became impressed and i got lots of interesting things on this from that day i am with siliconindia
View s for better India
i want to took something from the movie three idiots, you guys have a fresh mind if we go into the market your mind got valued so high, likewise we are youngsters we have idea with power, if we want we can change anything by mind and power. we can contribute our knowledge in development of india and can empower it . i am in against of finding employment in out side india why if you have knowledge you devolop your company here and do somthing the outsiders came here for knowledge
Favorite Books and Articles
I read science of self realization it was life changing book for me i recommend it for everyone to read this book. from that book you can know what is the relation between science and god, we can know the god by science and you will got surly satisfy you self
Challenges facing by students
there is so many challenges of biggest is Money,he need money on each and every step, for transportation, for coaching classes other then college, for books, and for other activities if a 20year old boy ask money every day month to there parents he also got the feeling i am asking so much i have to control it then he start controlling money on books fees, and that got some times dangerous for him when exams comes he things why i not join that classes why i not purchased that book, and he have to suffer for it
Career Expectations
I start studying regularly with more then 10hr daily
Family Background
My father is simple man he is getting. Servant, he is very strict for me,
My mom is homemaker she is very pretty women in my life she has 2 children in her life me and my elder brother. She is fully dedicated towards there family, my elder brother is software engineer from starting i also want too be software eng. but god not wants that
Spare time activities
I like reading the past times of Krishna, and i do some creative activities like decoration and making some thing traveling etc
Most proud accomplishment
i am the Krishna conscious
First Job Expectation
Post and work
Future with that company
what i am gaining from the job
My uniqueness
I am fun loving guy, i am fully against of wasting our time in sleeping eating in outing, we are the owner of this body and we have to use it how much as we can, i always want to do the thing which are not connected from my feild i want to take knowledge from everywhere
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