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Ask Shiv Mitra for Advice
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Shiv Mitra
Shiv Mitra

Shiv Mitra


Keross R&D

My strongest skill
Communication, Troubleshooting, Learning new technologies, Customer Support, Testing, Knowledge of ITIL Standards etc.
My achievements
Good feedback from clients and appreciation letters. Learning technical aspects during my job experience even though I do not have any formal technical degree or education.
Degree that I recommend
One relevant course which will compliment my work in ITIL certification.
My family background
My Father was a Civil Engineer working in HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation). Mother a Master in Philosophy. Elder sister is a Graduate in English Honours from St. Xaviers and working in HSBC.
Initiative to develop a country
What I have found after joining the professional industry is that there is a vast difference in what we learn in Schools and Colleges and what is actually required to be Industry ready. So I think since professionals who are aware of the job market and scenario, can guide students in learning what is required in the industry and what is relevant. In this was today's students who will be working tomorrow will have a more focused road plan of what they want to do and how they can do it, instead of being lost.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Leadership qualities which includes Leading from the front, understanding the requirement of the subordinates, Guiding them, Setting examples to motivate others.
Important lesson learned
Do not listen to what negative aspects others say about a job. First do the job and experience for yourself how is it. You will find people who give these expert comments have never worked in that industry and are actually more useless them self. Every Job is relevant and you can shine in any industry.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Well as I have stated earlier the education system is not in sync with what is required or what will eventually help a student to be industry ready. However I know that education doesn't only mean that you have to prepare industry ready candidates. However in Indian education system there are many things that are too elaborate and are of no use in future. So it has to be streamlined.
Also syllabus in schools are too vast putting a heavy pressure on students and also their parents. This actually hampers the overall development of a students. In addition to this teachers in schools/colleges are just focused in completing the syllabus and not 'Educating' their students. This has given rise to the booming private coaching system. There should be an appropriate teacher-student ratio and teaching should be such that a student should not have to go for private tutions after spending the whole day in school.
Ensuring success
I try to keep abreast with new technology. I also want to do some professional technical courses so that I can be familiar with the technical aspects of the IT industry.
Brief description about me
I am a Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication Honours from Calcutta University. I joined the ITes industry in my final year before my results were out. It was a casual decision to go for the interview for GECIS as I was waiting for my results and just wanted to see if I have any market value. It was infact my first interview and I never thought that I'll crack it. But I did and joined GE Capitals, Hyderabad. Later I joined Wipro in Kolkata. After that I joined a software company eRevmax technologies in Kolkata and henceforth and moved into software support.
Important decision
One of the most important decision I made was to join my first job before my college results were out. This was kind of a turning point in my life.
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