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Shadiq Basha
Shadiq Basha

Shadiq Basha

HR Administrator

Almeer Technical Services Co.W.L.L


Shadiq Basha is a member of:

Pain Points:
1.If the top performer or skilled employee resigned the job or retired from the job.
2.Whether the employee gon for vaccation , once he can't resume the duty on proper time or he abscond.
3.If the employee while working , on the time if he met an accident or injury. the time of recruitment if some specific skill set of employees not getting or once the work visa forward to the new employee then he deny his offers.
5.Employees greivance handling.
6.Retaining the employees.
Helping to develop the country
1.To select an right person for a right job , it indicates to all pvt and govt companies.
2.At the time of recruitment of new employees avoid and control the recommendation and back door recruitment.
3.Then every citizen of india have own interest to pay his / her individual income tax on yearly basis.
4.Then every citizen of india and every indian can help each other. Especially for poor peoples.
HR Challenges:
1.In present senario in abroad getting Work visa for the employees are big challenging task for us.
Recommended Reading
1.Websites :
Current HR Trends:
1.Today in modern world everthing become system oriented. Expecially for our HR department maximum transaction will be process through some HR Softwares.
E.G : For payroll , Applying leaves through online ,performance Appraisal, Attendance card swiping card etc.
Parting Thoughts
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
1. To interact with him friendly manner and politely.
2. To provide and fulfill his basic needs and wants in his organisation.
3. To solve his problems and critical issues in his job.
4. To create an better working environment and atmosphere in our organisation.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
See generally speaking each and every organisation HR and HR Department will interact with all employee and all department as a friendly and professionally.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
1.Self Motivated person.
2.Good leadership skills.
3.Flexible or dynamic oriented person.
4.Multi task personnel.
5.Having good team spirit.
6.positive thinker.
7.problem solving attitude.
8.Whether Candidate have good sustainability / stability.
9.Whether the candidate have Good Creativity.
10.Candidate with good behaviour and more Patience.
Improving Education system
Present Education Systems:
1.In present situation in india its only subject oriented and bookish knowledge.
2. I rare schools and collges they will add some etc curricular things, general knowledge oriented activities.

Measures to improve the Quality :

1.To create conmant or CBC sylabus for all the schools in india.
2.To implement all the schools in india as an english medium.
3.To provide free education facility for poor and merit students.
4.To provide general knowledges classes and personality development classes along with his subject classes.
5.To provide special classes and evening classes for poor performer students.
6.To increase the best standard level of coaching.
7.To recruit the best and experience staffs as an teacher and lecturer in schools and colleges.
8.To locate the schools and colleges in out side the city, to avoid noise and air pollution disturbance.
HR Strategies In Place
1.Good and nice work environment place in our organisation.
2.The top performer can get promotion based on his performance. Technical wise and finance wise growth is there for an employee.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Only Suggestions :
1. If you find a right person for a right job while recruiting , dont think about his salary espectation or recommendation for him or holding that position. To recruit the person immediately.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
1. Based on his performance,achievement and experience.
2.Based on his better and best ideas given to our organistion.
3.Based on his creativity and problem solving attitudes.
4.Some of the best incident happen in our company related to this employee he handled the task in right way based on that.
5.based on his superiors and coworkers suggestions.
6.Based on his behaviour in the organisation with no remarks while working.
Recruiting new generation:
1.From campus selection
2.Through job portals
3. Through head hunting.
4.To pay good salary and other benifits.

Retainability :
1. To fulfill his all needs and wants.
2. To motivate and reward for his best achievement.
3. To provide increment and promotion for him.
4. To provide on the job training to him.
5. To provide good working atmosphere in the company.
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