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Shaas Ruz
Shaas Ruz

Shaas Ruz



Outlook about increase students’ participation
Students are being confronted with education that does not touch their heart and minds. They collect only information, which is good and necessary but it has to be completed by development of Consciousness.
When students get a tool how to improve their health, behaviour, and holistic thinking, they will be naturally inspired to apply that knowledge for the good of society, too.
My priorities
Activity that is necessary to achieving a goal. Priority is on happiness of me, my family, and the whole society.
Most Rewarding Moment
As a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, I am always impressed by my students who are thankful for being able to come to their own Self. Reports of Self-sufficiency, happiness, positivity, health, reported by my students are very rewarding for them and me.
Way to motivate Students
Current education fills the "container of knowledge", the brain, with information that is usually not touching the students' life.
With Transcendental Meditation, I can provide the students with a natural and effortless tool how to "increase the container of knowledge" so that the knowledge can be stored and enjoyed by the students.
Also, through deep experience of Pure Consciousness within, both students AND teachers gain more intimate relationship with the disciplines they are supposed to learn.
Unique way of teaching
The development of consciousness through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique is a core value of a successful educational system. Four decades of scientific research have shown Transcendental Meditation to be highly beneficial to student success and the promotion of campus harmony.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Modern Education imported from and inspired by the West has not brought a siginificant improvement of the well-being and health of the people. Certainly, more comfort has been gained, but not happiness, freedom of crime and war, etc.
India has to remember its cultural heritage from the ancient Vedic times. Vedic Education is the means to enliven the total knowledge of Natural Law in the consciousness, Âtmâ, the Self of everyone.
Vedic education, Consciousness-based education, is applicable to the personal and professional life of everyone in India and everywhere in the world.
Around 600 Scientific Research studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of TM on the life of a student: better memory, better behaviour, better grades, more success in professional life, etc. Meditation.jsp
Future of Indian Education System
Current education is entirely object-referral. Education must become consciousness-based. It must include the cultivation and realization of the full human potential through Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, and other Vedic Techniques that have been ignored in modern education so that problems have rather increased than decreased in the life of individuals and society.
My inspiring personality
Of course, this is my Teacher and Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who first studied Physics and then devoted his life to spiritually regenerate the whole world. His advice for everyone was: Live 200% of life, material and spiritual!
Strongest Subject
Vedic wisdom, Âtmâ-Vidyâ, the knowledge of the Self, is the essence of successful life and living. The essence of it is containded in Transcendental Meditation. The teaching of it is very easy, and bringing fullfilment to the teacher and the student.
Favorite Non-Academic books
I read usually only scientific and Vedic Literature.
News, political and cultural, I enjoy to collect from the Internet.
Most Challenges facing by students
The biggest challenges are, 1. grades, passing exams, and 2. having a good preparation for professional life which, of course, goes beyond just good grades, e.g. develop good mental, physical, social health, and be a positive unit of World Peace.
Recent scientific research confirms that students who practice Transcendental Meditation do meet these challenges more successfully than others. See for example,
The most recent TM success story occurred at the Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse, a Detroit middle school, where for the past nine years over 100 students and teachers have practiced the technique for ten minutes at the start and close of each school day. Recent research conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School found that kids practicing the technique handle stress better, feel happier, and get along better with their peers than a control group of non-meditating students.
Important Lesson
Life can be lived in happiness, afluence, and wealth, when one is developing one's full creative potential that lies within at the core of one's personality.
Don't depend on circumstances and incidents, be the Master of your destiny.
If your happiness depends on actions or attitudes of others, then you have a problem.
My Advice
Do your allotted duty! And go for the highest accomplishment in life. Enjoy what you are doing. Speak Truth, speak sweet Truth.
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