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Satheesan Sm
Satheesan  Sm

Satheesan Sm

India' Leading Expert Consultant on Bird/Animal Aircaft Strike Hazard Management

Independent Consultant

My family background
I was born in Sugapuram in 1949 to my parents, Attur Bharatha Pisharody and S M Parukutty Pisharasiar in my house "Madham". My initials "SM" stand for Village Name "Sugapurath" (means "in Sugapuram") and House Name "Madhathil" (means "in Madham"). We have Village Name and House name for Surnames and thus others in India and abroad mistake "Sugaprath" as our first name. The result is in our extended families, many members are known as "Sugapurath" in USA and Canada. I had my schooling in a Governement High School at Edapal, in Malappuram District. My Dad was a Stenographer in Madras University and my mother a home-maker. My father's command in English knowledge used to surprise everyone, but it used to reflect the standard of English in educational institutions at the British Period. I used to get astonished with my mother's Hindi knowledge to act in Hindi plays, event though she had never gone to a college and the fact that our home was a Centre for Hindi Prachar Sabha exam before 1947
Important lesson learned
My parents taught me only one thing "not to tell lies and not to harm any person if possible". This seems to be good policy and advice. We live in others' hearts and minds. Have a positive mind, work hard giving hundred percent to live your ideas and doing things for the common good. I believe in aviation safety, especially BASH Management is a neglected field and my ambition is to make as many airports as possible safe from the angle of Bird/Animal Collisions with aircraft by carrying out airport surveys and audits, training air side employees and conducting BASH Management workshops globally to create awareness and enhance aircraft flight safety to save precious lives of fliers, costly aircraft, and property on-board and on ground. For achieving my goal Airport BASHM has to be a mass movement propelled by mass awareness for which we have to create leaders. Safety is a way of life. Just complying to rules and regulations will not give total safety but commitment and dedication can.
More about myself
Generally failures to produce desired results in Aviation Safety including Airport BASH Management are caused by the following factors:
1. Ignorance on and indifference to aviation safety management procedures by Airport Operators, Airline Operators, Air Traffic Management, Aviation Regulators and the public at large including passengers.
2. Lack of will on the part of Airport and Airline Operators to allocate funds for Safety and BASH Management equipment and manpower in most of the Indian airports, the procure and appoint the right experts as safety management professionals, to conduct audits of Safety and BASH Management work at their airports by Professional Consultants, and to provide necessary training to their air side employees in safety and BASHM. A lot of money is being spend on modernizing Passenger terminals and infra structure, but such enthusiasm is not shown for enhancing Safety and BASHM. People at the helm of administration need a disaster to open their eyes always!
Initiative to develop a country
India could have become the most developed country in the world if we had stopped individual's and groups' development against society's development. Our resources including finances are confined to the hands of a few Celebrities and Corporate Companies and hence common man or his society is poor. We should look at successful in finances, culture, and administrative excellence) countries to emulate their ways in achieving desired success levels. We have the best of intelligent, educated,and hard-working people but we tend to work for ordinary people abroad who exploit them as "milch cows' for their expertise. We should start introspection as to how we can utilize our expertise to enhance quality of life in our own country. We should try to weed out corruption in every field and discourage individual's or Corporate's development against society's development. Politicization of every work has to be stopped, but true professionals have to come forward to work for politics and society.
Ensuring success
I continuously introspect and evaluate myself for detecting my mistakes, correcting them and self-improvement comparing my work with professionals better than me in India and other countries. I am in touch with most of the professionals in my field: Airport BASH Management so that I can contribute to better BASHM at airports globally. For this I participate in conferences/Workshops/seminars wherever and whenever possible and meet and discuss with professionals, check out for new technologies, new equipment and new ideas. I like to keep abreast of scientific and technological advancements in Airport BASH Management. I Wish to retain the following behavioural traits to grow: 1. Retain Child’s Curiosity & Inquiry, Adolescent’s energy &
effervescence, Adult’s maturity & responsibility, and Old age
wisdom & values. 2.Ignite brain to evolve new ideas & rekindle other’s ideas 3.Evidence-searching objective approach. 4.Undying passion for research to contribute to humanity.
My role model
I was inspired by various people at different stages of life. My mother with her patience and perseverance in achieving results and my father with his knowledge and determination to teach me good English, Mathematics and Physics were the first set of teachers to inspire me. In the work sphere there were several Mentors who inspired me and a few those come to my mind first are late Dr Salim Ali, the greatest Ornithologist India has ever seen; late Mr J C Daniel, Director of BNHS for over 30 years; Dr Robert B Grubh, Principal Investigator of Bird Hazard projects at BNHS; Mr Samar Singh, IAS, the then Secretary General of WWF-India; Dr Hans Blokpoel, Canada,Mr G M Rao, and several Scientists working for BASH management worldwide. But the foremost among people who inspired me was my wife, Manjula, working with GVK-Mumbai International Airport Ltd, as a Deputy GM and my daughter, Anupama working as an Inflight Executive for Jet Airways in Mumbai, who had given true meaning for my life.
My achievements
Bombay Natural History Society was the place where I worked in my formative years before I wore the mantle of a BASH Management Expert. Learning the basics the right way and teaming with experts helped me metamorphose into an expert consultant. WWF-India, Indian Air Force, Airports Authority of India, GMR-DIAL, International Bird Strike Committee, Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa and Director General of civil Aviation, new Delhi, gave me all help, support, advice and guidance so that I could work as an expert in BASH Management.
Achievements: 1. I was instrumental in reducing bird strike rate at Delhi airport drastically from 2.09 to 1.57, a definite verifiable achievement by any yardstick.
2. I am registered on the panel of experts with Technical Co-operation Bureau of ICAO since 1994.
3. I had prepared ICAO’s Standard Training Package for Bird Hazard Prevention for AAI’s NIAMAR, New Delhi and implemented it in 1996
4. I walked the talk on BASHM where ever possible.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Sincerity in work (“Research” is searching for truth)
2. Right attitude, aptitude, & problem-solving skills
3. Belongingness to work, work-place, and Mentor/Master/Research
4. Timeliness in work (complete work on hand as planned)
5. Focus on work, not on name, fame, and money
6. Undying passion for research and a determination to contribute
to humanity, working for a noble cause
7. Versatile thinking, adept in multi-tasking, & Prioritizing tasks
8. Evidence-searching objective approach
9. Resourceful and ability to improvise (tool-using)
10. Ignite brain to evolve new ideas & rekindle other’s ideas
11. Child’s Curiosity & Inquiry, Adolescent’s energy &
effervescence, Adult’s maturity & responsibility, and Old age
wisdom & values
12. Commitment, dedication, total involvement; an
attitude to share and care to take the entire group
forwards. Nothing works in social vacuum.
All His Grace and None my my merit
Brief description about me
India's Leading Bird Strike Consultant to conduct BASH surveys, audits, and training for Airport Operators/regul. My doctorate is on Pariah Kite Hazards at Aerodromes, from Mumbai University in 1992. Registered with ICAO-TCB since 1994, I had prepared ICAO’s BASHM Standard Training Package for AAI’s NIAMAR, New Delhi in 1996. Over 60 scientific papers, including in ICAO Journal (February 1992) to credit, visited USA, France, South Africa, Spain, Holland, Belgium, and Dubai to participate in conferences. Learned about Accipiter Avian Radar in Canada in Feb 2012. Technical Director with Hughes & Hughes Chem. Ltd., New Delhi (2010-2011), GM, BASH Management, SHE, Operations Dept., GMR-DIAL (2006-09), and Consultant to DIAL in 2009 & 2011, BNHS (1978-1994) and WWF-India (1998-201). Attended BASHM Conferences of SIATI/Aeromag in 2010, Arabian Reach’s (Dubai) in 2011 and 2012, and previously of BSCE, IBSE, Joint BSC USA & Canada, RRF-USA, EPRI-California, and India BSC Meetings since 1992.
Degree that I recommend
To become an expert in Airport BASH Management: A basic degree in Zoology/Botany/Wildlife Management and a Doctoral degree in Zoology/Ornithology/Wildlife Management will be ideal.
Adequate training in Airport BASH Management under an expert individual or organization will be necessary. Experience with an airport will make the candidate a perfect professional with sufficient years of work put in the proper way. In service courses and training will improve the expertise. attending seminars/conferences/workshops is a sure way of enhancing expertise. Certificate courses done from ICAO and other organizations will increase the capability in BASHM.
Important decision
I used to teach Biology/Zoology in schools and colleges in Hyderabad and mumbai. A thought of creating new knowledge instead of teaching what others have created, attracted me towards Research. In the hunt for a suitable subject for research I joined BNHS in 1978. While working with BNHS the project on Bird Hazards at Indian aerodromes was sanctioned to BNHS under the leadership of Dr Salim Ali in 1980. I knew that this is the subject I should work on and research in. hence i joined this project. In 1986 I asked Dr Salim Ali to guie me. He told me that he has become old and Mr J C Damiel will guide me. Finally Mr Daniel became my guide and I conducted research on Ecology and behaviour of Pariah Kite, in relation to bird hazards at selected Indian aerodromes. Dr Robert Grubh also helped me in my research. I got my doctorate in 1992 from Mumbai University. I had to wait till Nov. 2006 to get the job of an Ornithologist/BASHM expert with GMR-DIAL. Up to that time I was doing research.
My strongest skill
1. Conduct Airport BASH Management Surveys/Audits to suggest Improvement
2. Impart BASH Management Training to air side employees at an airport
3. Outsource BASH Mangement
4. Bird/Animal Conservation related to BASH management
5. Environment Impact assessment related to BASHM
6. advice on Land use patterns before building an airport
7. Evaluation of Bird tracking and control equipment
8. Conduct BASH Management Workshops/Training seminars
9. Conduct BASH Management conference
10. Implement Recommendations on BASH Management: Walking the talk on
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education should help people to get some employment. Some training connected with future job-applications should be given priority in the topics covered for education. Science and technology related subjects should have some internships with factories, manufacturing units of products or companies dealing with utility products. Pure subjects do not have scope for employment. As an example, Applied/Economic Ornithology has more job prospects than Pure Ornithology. radar Ornithology is another new subject students can follow. Radar Study itself is a vast subject with applications in various fields of safety and homeland security, migration studies, military interventions, weather forecast and so many other fields.
Couple of years from now
This is left to those people who want to utilize my knowledge, experience, expertise,and problem-solving skills related to Airport BASH Management as well as Habitat and species conservation.
Influenced by
My family,i.e. my wife and daughter inspired me the most to get whatever I have achieved. Without encouragement from my father, mother, wife, and daughter nothing was possible. BNHS, IAF, AR & DB, AAI, WWF-India, Hughes & Hughes Chem Ltd, GMR-DIAL, IBSE and DGCA had influenced me the most giving me guidelines that I should follow.
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