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Santosh Halemani
Santosh Halemani

Santosh Halemani

Software Engineer



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My advice
First, find a job you are passionate about and work hard to get it. It will never be easy but you will get it if you want it.
Second, always have a plan B.
Third, never let anyone tell you it cant be done. That includes even someone you love the most.
Fourth, finding passion is not easy, it will take asking hard questions and knowing what you are really good at. Hint: Observe your parents and siblings.
Challenges faced in job
I find dealing with people and efficiency of our work very challenging. People are hard to work with for their obvious personalities (cant escape from that, you have one too) and work is not satisfying if its not efficient. This helps you in dealing with everyday life situations and what to do in the future. These challenges will show what you really want to do. They explore your passions that will make you happy.
My strongest Skill
Hard working, Responsibility, Smart, Observation skills, Understanding people, Futuristic and Efficiency.
My important career decision
To move into Renewable energy or Cleantech
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We lack zeal to take risks and build products. It takes lot of sacrifices and support from the environment you are in. Its collective failure of people and its government. People do not encouraged to take risks and if there is a failure they dont celebrate it they curse it. Killing it the moment it tried to walk. We forget our own stories about how we started to crawl before we walked.
Perhaps its the developing nations bane to not take risks and survival matters. Why would I take risks if its too dangerous. Its a problem with poor governments that dont care for innovation. But we elected them so again its the People who are at fault.
Current Trends
Automation: Replicating a human intelligence to get a job done and eventually replacing our jobs. Then everybody will have more time to do what they love.
Goals and Ambitions
To change my field of work from Software to Renewable energy or cleantech. Also get an MBA from a good college.
My role model
I dont have a role model. I see part of a role model in all of us. No body is perfect, so no role models.
Being different
I guess we are more quantitative and more technically sound. Thats what I think. Also, there are too many of us.
Making job easier
Technology, knowledge from others and support of each other.
My achievement
To be honest, I really dont know or not yet achieved. Still, work in progress....
Managing professional as well as personal life
Its really hard with this kind a job and work cultures. I have never able to manage work life balance.
Company and job profile
I am working as a testing automation engineer at a small company in Bangalore. My work is something like training a software to test another software, but it cant replace manual testing.
I am interested in technology and how to use it to solve problems. I always think of future and imagine how it would look like. I am fascinated by developments in technology in any field under the sun and beyond. I want to know how it works, if I can understand it. I always believe that ‘only technology can liberate us’ and want to be part of a technology that will be the future. I find renewable energy technology extremely fascinating. I am also interested in cooking, movies and mysteries.
I always agree that I am a 21st century hippie. My father is an agriculture scientist and my mother is a passionate gardener. One of my sisters is an entomologist (studies insects, especially mosquitoes) at state health department. That is why I am attracted to anything that keeps this planet greener.
Books recommended
It depends on what they want to do. But always my best book has been 'Internet'
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