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Sanjay Sarda
Sanjay Sarda

Sanjay Sarda

Managing Director & CEO

Taza Bhav

Other Thoughts:
For all the things I think, say or do; I follow Rotary’s four way test by asking myself four questions
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIP?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned
And most of the time, I am assured of the best way forward.
Advice For New Professionals:
Take decisions, what you would have taken as an owner in the same situation. Always give your best till the last moment of your association with certain company or project
Working Life Management:
I believe; for an entrepreneur, there is no separate personal life section. Work has to be a priority until the venture reaches a stage, where strong succession plan is in place. However, I do take time out for social commitments via Rotary International and basic support to family wherever required.
Done Differently:
If required, I will exactly repeat the actions and decisions taken till date. However, some lessons already learnt from previous ventures and implementing it in the interest of career and business.
The Decisions That Matter
When it comes to career, all decisions are equally important. I always tried to ensure good timing of the decisions based on circumstances.
The Journey So Far:
My first entrepreneurial venture was while studying in Class-I, where I manufactured various models of paper camera and sold it in school; later developed many other innovative applications during school. After completing education from IIT Kharagpur, worked in diverse industry segments including Information Technology, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Entertainment, Seeds and Food Processing. Recently started TazaBhav, my most recent technology business along with project of establishing chain of multi and super specialty hospitals in Tier-III cities in India.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Change is a continuous process; we need to adapt to it in the best interest of everyone. One important change over the workplace over the years is SPEED, which is increasing day by day, with the help of communication tools and technology.
Contribution to the field
a. Designed and implemented complete interior works for corporate office of 25,000 sqft in just 98 days and with savings of over 25% on realistic budget (work included, civil, furniture, landscaping, HVAC, electrical, automation, communication, computers and artwork).
b. Successfully handled HR Layoff project, reducing manpower by over 35% (500+ nos) equally distributed from top to bottom levels within span of 60 days, without paying compensation and avoiding any legal complications.
c. Designed two State-of-the-art Food Processing units and one Food Packaging unit for catering to retail agricultural commodities sector
d. Setting up of Low Cost Amusement parks & holiday resort.
Required Reading:
I like the website, where one can find some good learning opportunities.
Plans For The Future:
Would like to continue to be recognized as one of the respectable persons in the professional, social and personal circles.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Enjoying every small and intermediate milestone, which leads to the final goal.
Degrees That Matter:
I recommend application oriented education from reputed institute over and above any specific degree or certificate. Learning attitude is more important while moving ahead in any career.
Growth Strategy:
Respect the team and always be ready and capable to provide direction and/or solution, when the team needs it.
Family Background
Belong to a family with expertise in diverse sectors. My father retired as Agricultural Officer and now a recognized leader in social sector. One Younger brother is Director at Accenture, London and other is Renowned Neuro-Surgeon in India. My wife is Biotechnologist and Son is a Student.
Job Profile:
There are no limits and boundaries while managing an organization in the start-up phase. Need to look after every department from marketing to process to support services. Also need to take care of legal, audit, tax and other government agencies.
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