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Sai Ka Banda Vipin Sethi
Sai Ka Banda Vipin Sethi

Sai Ka Banda Vipin Sethi

Human Resources

Instant Job Solution


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Attracting good people
I can attract good people with my talks, impressive ideas & best examples. I can retain the people with me for a very long time. My candidates want to change the job through me only. I have many examples of that. The person who comes to me for a job, I try to get them their desired jobs. That's why when ever they change the job, they want to be placed through me only.I deal with my candidates as well as my clients in a very polite manner. As i think every person who joins me for work is my customer & customer is always a god to me.
Current Job Profile
I am the owner of Instant Job Solution. My job profile includes recruitment for my client companies, admin work of my company, business development of my company, vendor management with the vendors associated with my company, taking care of accounts of my organization. I am providing support to lalitta chouhan working in my organization since Feb 2008. I am the whole sole in-charge of the company. I have full discretion to take any major or minor step for the benefit of my organization
Uniqueness of recruitment process
Recruitment process is unique & different because. it's very interesting to meet new people every day & judge their capacities & caliber. We get the chance to judge people, in that ways we feel that we are on a high position. We get the chance to serve the mankind. We get the chance to read the nature & temperaments of different people, it helps us to the human nature more closely.
Challenges in recruitment process
Sometime people are very sentimental, so its very difficult to explain them, how the companies Hr will deal with him/her. sometimes people don't pickup the calls weather that is of candidate or of companies recruitment department.sometimes there is some salary issue of the candidates placed by us in certain company. sometimes there is change of dates in the interview scheduled in certain company even for 3-4 times.sometimes when we call some candidate to explain him/her for a particular job, they speaks in a very rude manner (don't disturb us). sometimes candidates make fake commitments, when we call them for interview. Sometimes companies are not making payment, as there commitment.
My family background
I belong to high middle class family. My father (Mr. Kamal Sethi) is a business man, having his shop at sadar bazar, delhi-6. He is a chairman of Sadar Bazar Association. My mother(Mrs. Naresh Sethi)is house wife. My wife (Priya Sethi is graduate in English honors. She started Instant Job Solution along with me but due to too many household responsibilities she discontinued this in 2008.
Thoughts on India education system
In my opinion education system has gone down now a days. every body is minting money out of this profession. Schools have become so expensive. In schools teachers don't teach properly. They want that student should come to them for private coaching. So those who are not capable of taking coaching classes suffers.That's why children also don't want to study now a days. They want entertainment & enjoyment. Very few people are interested to make their carrier. Those are only 3-4 out of 100.
Govt. should provide free education coaching centers to minority group. Their should be 1 compulsory subject of manners & behavior in every school. So that young generation will learn how to talk & behave in a proper manner. Teachers should have dignity towards their profession instead of minting money out of that. I don't deny that that money is equally important for teachers also. But government should take necessary measures to help teachers like they shouldn't be levied taxes etc etc.
In House recruitment process
If the company have their own In House recruitment process, they have their own Hr department in the company, who is sourcing the candidates from reference channel.It help the organization in saving the expense of paying to recruitment agency.
My advice to upcoming leaders
My advice for upcoming professionals is to be loyal to your profession,try to make your near by environment (job) good instead of changing the environment each & every day. You will waste the time in changing the environment each & every day. According to gandhiji if we are good,each & every person around will become good.
Initiative taken by Professionals to develop a country
Professionals can render free services to poor people & needy ones. Professionals should help the government to run the administration properly in giving their fearless advice time to time by getting it printed in the newspapers.
My achievements
i have placed almost 1200 people satisfactorily without thought of about my money, weather i have been paid or not. I don't have pride in me. Yes I am proud of training few people in my company who are working on high posts now a days.
Upcoming Trends in Recruiting
Now a days candidates don't need to go to the company for interview purpose. They are interviewed on video conference, online written test and get selected. They are provided with online appointment letter. On Teleconferencing first round is taken, than candidates need to go to the company after getting shortlisted.
Importance of E-Recruitment process
I have already explained in the last question. That is very beneficial now a days. It has saved the expenses and unnecessarily wastage of time of company as well as candidate.
Qualities looked during recruiting people
Person should be fit for the job
Recruitment Approches
First of all putting the job posting on the portal. candidates who call themselves are anxiously looking for a job. Sending Mails & mobile messages to candidates. Sending Video presentation of our company & job Description to candidates by mail.
Important point in Recruitment process
Matching Job Description & candidates work profile. Matching companies location & candidates residence location. Checking the the integrity of candidates. checking companies financial status before placing the candidate.
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