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Rupayan Datta
Rupayan Datta

Rupayan Datta

Vice President – Operations

Inthink Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.


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My role model
Swami Vivekananda has always been my role model who inspires me. His visibility about modern India, his framework about life, work, dedication, country are so simple but so very strong and articulate that it can inspire anyone. I am quite inspired with his statement where he has asked to arise and awake and stop not till the GOAL is achieved.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as key player in the industry to develop my company as a large ESO outfit and provide good employment to fresh pass outs and also share my knowledge and experience to make this ESO stream grow to make a stronger India.
Important lesson learned
The lessons that I have learnt are many but I want to share few critical ones. First is the passion for what you do in life – is very important Most of us work not because we like the job but we are compelled to do such. This does not take us anywhere – however if there is passion in what you do you are bound to be happy and thus excel.
Walk the talk – as a leader you need to always walk the talk and be open to learning. You must be completely transparent and open for criticism. Do not fear to apologize if you have done a mistake – to err is human.
Work life balance – to lead a happy life and enjoy work – you must have a happy home and happy faces. Time spent with family should be quality time and no compromises should be done on this as these great times shall not return back.
Hobby – Every person should have a hobby where he/she enjoys his own time with himself/herself. This helps in understanding oneself better and brings in eternal peace within. It makes you happy – and the thumb rule of life is – in order to make others happy – you first need to be happy yourself.
Brief description about me
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering from University of Poona (1992-1996) having 15+ years plus of rich industry experience in the field of IT, ITES, Telecom and Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO).
Currently working as Vice President – Operations of a startup organization , Infinity Engineering Services Pvt. Limited ( Brand name Inthink) – a promising Engineering Services Outsourcing company providing engineering design services in the field of marine & offshore, MEP/HVAC and Process industry (Energy & Steel vertical). Visit for further details.
Have worked in multi-national environment and team members from all across the globe and have worked in countries like – Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Norway, Netherlands, Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Denmark & U.A.E. for Business Development (Sales & Account Management), Transition and Service Delivery. Have worked in large multinationals like Siemens in IT & Telecom in the area of Transition, Service Delivery and Deal Solutioning.
My strongest skill
My strongest Professional Skills are – Account Management, Transition & Service Delivery.
My strongest attributes are – people connect & leading teams, reading a situation and instinctive decision making, convincing effectively and deal solution defense.
More about myself
As I am a firm believer of having a hobby – which keeps you de-stressed and away from the monotony of work cycle. My hobby is music. I am a musician myself and play the Indian classical instrument – Sitar, which keeps me happy and now I find it to be a form of meditation which actually works for me. In my school days I used to be a professional artist but now I love to compose music and pass it on to the young generation. I am one of the active member of my school Vistar( which promotes Indian music and culture throughout India.
Influenced by
You mature as you grow up and priorities changes. Thus it is very difficult to pin point any particular person who can influence. Human beings are made out of different attributes. The attributes do have an influence – not the human being per say. However, they are so varied and are found in multiple people – you tend to get influenced by a lot of people in different phases of life. This is purely a time dependent function. The people who influenced me during my school/college days maybe are not the same who influences me now!
Thoughts on Education system of our country
As stated earlier, barring few leading institutions and colleges – the curricula in rest of the engineering colleges are primitive and they have a large gap between what the students learn and what the industry wants. Moreover, the teaching standards of most of these colleges are poor. Thus a more active industry – academic relationship is needed to make this equation better. There has to be more collaborations and workshops by the industry to enhance the quality of education. To make a competent resource – basic elements of Business Management and finance needs to be taught in the engineering colleges and more project work in the industry would help in providing more visibility to the students passing out.
Ensuring success
Keeping me updated with the latest developments in all spheres – technological, global business, politics and human character as a whole. Keeping oneself open to learn from anyone and anybody without any ego is the only way to ensure progress.
Important decision
Last year when I decided to quit a so called good job in Siemens and join a startup organization and leading an Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) initiative right from scratch.
A new window of opportunity is opening up for India as a 3rd major growth stream after IT and BPO/KPO – that is Engineering Services Outsourcing.

Engineering services is a huge market with the global spending estimated at US $ 750 billion per year ( Booz/Allen/Hamilton report as published by NASSCOM). Of this US$ 750 billion only USD 10-15 billion is being outsourced today. India brings home, only 12% of it today. By 2020 it is estimated that India would be capable enough to get a 25-30 % share of a US$ 150 – 225 billion market (ESO offshored business) – i.e. approx. US$ 50 billion revenue growth annually.

Interested with this data points and armed with my engineering experience and IT framework of outsourcing and transition know how – I did make an important decision of my life to start an ESO initiative with Marine & Offshore Engineering vertical – with an aim to build one of the most reputed ESO organization in India and provide niche services and also good employment opportunities and put India in the global map in the ESO sector.
My family background
I come from a very humble background. My father was a professor in IIT Kharagpur; my mother was a teacher in high school. I am born in Kolkata but brought up in the IIT Kharagpur campus which was very cosmopolitan in nature and a very academic kind of environment but having all the ingredients of getting the best of everything in childhood.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
The foremost quality is the ability to be TRUSTED and to be COMPETENT. COMMUNICATION is the key word. ARTICULATE thought process and thinking simple are major breakthroughs. You should earn respect rather than demand respect. The 3 main attributes in my point of view are ROI – Respect – Ownership – Integrity.
My achievements
One of the key achievements that I consider is when I led a technology transition of a large Telecom process which was transitioned from the shores of Germany entirely to India when I was in Siemens as a Transition lead. Historically as per the Indian Education scenario goes, mostly students from the literature background opts for foreign languages. They have very little knowledge about technology and the underlying theories. The necessity of this project was to have a Level 2 – German desk who can not only talk to the German customers but also resolve simple incidents and program the very hi-end Siemens telecom switches. The expectation of the end clients was that we had to match the services as they were accustomed to from our German service engineers who can not only speak German but also can resolve tickets. Me as the Technology Transition manager had to teach these agents right from the basics of telecom to design a Decision Tree based on which they can resolve the tickets without the SLAs getting hit. Within 9 months post coming live they need not take help of the decision tree anymore and learnt the ways and means to tackle even difficult tickets. The entire process right from the recruitment and going live took 9 months. Later on I went ahead to be the service delivery manager of this 150+ FTE process.
Degree that I recommend
I would like to be TOGAF certified – as I think it adds value in the knowledge about Organizational Transformations.
Initiative to develop a country
The most effective way to make a country developed is to impart training and develop “industry ready” skilled professionals. Professionals like me should be more proactive in collaborating with colleges more and the institutes should also acknowledge the fact that India today do not produce finished products who can be made productive in any industry right from day 1 – as there is a large gap in our academics and reality.The industry is also reluctant to try out fresher as they have to invest a lot more to bring them upto speed. Thus bridging this gap is very critical to make India a developed country.
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