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Rickkey Francis
Rickkey Francis

Rickkey Francis

Visionary Consultant Entrprenuer

Travel Fish Consulting


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Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is an electrifying space of work.Honestly as the question puts it, not anyone or everyone can succeed.There can always be exceptions, but passion,creativity and zealous expressions can make it riveting and encouraging. You can do the unbelievable, i believed i can and i did so and broke the ice that none of my peers could expect or extract. Sales is value and income to the organization if done the right,honest and professional way which hardly happens.As an employee and consumer i have experienced getting taunted,pressurized and ripped off with local,national and multi national companies.Sad but it is degrading by the day and more.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
All the most admired companies i associated i achieved something with excellence and reasonable distinction.

The learning and imbibing curve was challenging but thoroughly encouraging,learn, do and deliver with resilience the impossibles was immensely fortifying. I was privileged to rub shoulders with the industry best pro's within national and multinational companies, over coming internal up and downs that i will cherish for long.Am glad to list below the most admired companies i proudly was part of:

Bharti Airtel Limited (CBA- CSE,AM- Corp Sales Key Accounts)
Dell International Services, India (Canada Online Sales)
General Electric International Services, India (GECIS,GECFS & GE MONEY-CSR,PA,PD)
Premier Travels ( Corp Car Rentals-BDM)
Orix Auto Infrastructure Pvt Ltd an ILFS Co ( CSO-Rent-A-Car and Business Travel Solutions)
Y-Axis Overseas Solutions (Immigration Sales,Canada FSW PR Process,Visa Process Expert.
Importance of brand image
Brand image does matter a lot, however here the learning is to backup a brand/product sale with extremely efficient and foolproof customer care. Simply said 'PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE'. I have worked amidst the best and honestly these drawbacks happen knowingly and repeatedly , off-course there is a mechanism in place to do damage control,etc but that's not sufficient.Imperfection cannot be a habit and excuse.
Essential qualification required
Willingness to learn, imbibe,inculcate and implement with on job trial and error methodology, passion and determination in what you do have confidence you can and you will, never back down or turn back.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes, this ability,capability and trait comes with passionate learning and determination.
Upcoming Trends
Upcoming trends have the valuable support of customized advanced technology that makes it a can do.
Handling new territory
If you are familiar with the key techniques,traits and customer behaviour , its not long before to break the ice. But, the will to do has to be there as many never wish to move out of comfort zone.
Essential skills
To me the most practical solution i applied and yet apply is KEEP ON ASKING AND YOU WILL RECEIVE, KEEP ON SEEKING AND YOU WILL FIND, KEEP ON KNOCKING AND IT WILL BE OPENED.I practice this formula judiciously from an 2000 years ancient book of Wisdom known universally as the Bible.Its gives me foresight to well being of mankind with simple ethical practices that will lead to everlasting life which am surely looking forward too.
Motivating team members
Mentor along with them as a fellow mate or senior and put your pro-experience to the fore which the demotivated mate can imbibe and get motivated.It was and is a practical tool to me.
My family background
I am privileged to be the only son of my parents. My father was of the flight technician ranks with HAL Bangalore Defense attachment and later Indian Airlines Bombay and my mother was an alumni of PTI Delhi.I have completed my Grad,DCA,PGDMM and resie with my parents together in Hyderabad, also known as Greater Hyderabad,Cybderabad and Hitech City.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Both are vibrant, fun and challenging. If the mindset is fixed then you train it to be adaptable as the skill is same the process is different. An individual in person exudes more confidence and value than to over exposed online variety and technical transitions.None can be won without determination and passion for what you like.
Current Job description
Currently i work from home.I finally took the plunge in 2011 to diversify individually after Analyzing the past 12 plus years of transiting from academics,apprentices and spiritual gains into the vibrant professional arena and help aspirants with my own baby/firm known as Travel Fish Consulting.I believe in Championing Individual's Aspirations, Understanding Peoples Voice & Offer Right Valuable Choice !

Am the gateway, pathfinder and oracle to desiring individuals with an appetite seeking to benefit from Overseas Education,Tourist,Visitor,Family,Skilled PR n Immigration Visa Process.Additionally but exclusively, i creatively write,edit,copy write sales,marketing,intro letters, catch-lines and more as needs to be customized on customer preference.

Am founder, proprietor and principal consultant.
Education system in India
Education system in India has grown rapidly.Most of international education standards are here and at the click of a mouse in your inbox or mobile.Those people who are specific do tend to research and study abraod with an intention to settle,earn dollars and gain good lifestyle.
Developing a country
Honestly, corruption has entraped the best of professionals and none want to let go because money is more preferred than morals,humility and generosity.Few are the ones , but hard to detect.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Benefited with youth use it to the full with agility ,focus,direction and passion.Influence the people around with your smiles and willingness to widen out.Think and act out of the box in the interest yourself,organization,family and country.Be wise and not be influenced by the local,national or global politics or politricks.Save self and Save Humanity.
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