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Reuben Wenisch Fernandes
Reuben Wenisch Fernandes

Reuben Wenisch Fernandes

Mechatronics Engineer



Reuben Wenisch Fernandes is a member of:

Specialization area in Embedded systems
Power management, heat desipation, analog and digital design.
My corporate journey
I graduated in 2012 as a Mechatronics Engineer. I am currently employed in the Research and Development Department of an automobile company. I have started working on ECU Design.
My rewards
During my B.Tech I designed the circuit and tested the electronics of a Nano Satellite named SRMSAT( My team and I completed the Satellite in 2 years while other similar student Satellites took 5 to 8 years. We proved the world that students from normal colleges can also make wonders.
Money vs Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction = happiness. I agree money is necessary in life but money is'nt everything in life. I don't want to be the richest person on the planet I just want to live a happy life. If I be proved wrong then Carlos Slim and bill gates has something to look out for.
My role
I am part of the Research and Development Team. This is my 1st year in the industry and though I was enrolled as a Graduate Trainee the VP specifically chose me to work on 3 projects. The recent one being ECU(Electronics Control Unit) development.
Upcoming Language with embedded systems
I have worked with assembly and C and I feel with further development in compilers, C would be the future.
Couple of year from now
Five years from now I see my self as an important asset of my organization, shaping the future with my skills and patents.
Advice to workforce
The path to success is not an easy one. Always choose the path that you love the most.
My Important role
I was into system integration and once we had a critical moment where someone had to completely take over the Power circuit team. Though I had little knowledge on it my friend and I stared reading the data sheet immediately in-order to fully understand it. We joined the team and solved the problem.
Degree recommended
Any certification which provides hands on experience should be good. During my first year I did a course on PIC micro-controllers organised by EFY(electronics for You) groups and I found it very helpful.
My role model
beethoven inspires me because he kept composing music even after his ears failed him. He showed the world that if you are passionate about something nothing can stop you.
My family background
My father and mother work at my uncle's hospital in kodaikanal. This hospital treats people free of cost, german doctors also come to kodaikanal and conduct plastic surgeries for the needy.
Books recommended
If you want to learn swimming, you have to get into the water. The same goes with engineering, learning from books is not enough you have to practically experiment things. I used to read Electronics for you magazine and try the circuits given in it.
Scope of embedded systems
Embedded systems is the future. right from consumer electronics to aviation life without embedded system is unthinkable.
My view on India Technical development
95% of the students I completed school with, are either doctors or engineers. I had a hard time convincing my parents and society that I wanted to specialise in Mechatronics. With lack of passion or spark there is no point on pouring fuel.
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