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Ravi Deva
Ravi Deva

Ravi Deva

Management Consultancy

Quant-A, Inc.


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Marketing has to appeal to the psyche of all stakeholders in the value chain. The approach devised has to be unique to a given situation and can't be substituted with a cookie cutter approach used by competitors. In other functions similar approaches can be replicated without much issue.
Recommended Courses and Certification
In my experience nothing can substitute for the power of observation and experience coupled with an analytical ability to find cause and effect in the operational aspects of the business, to impact change.
Importance of Marketing
Concentrating on small business consultancy and advisory services my role is critical to the success of not only my company, but also to the success of my clients.

I am the person on the front line evaluating, suggesting, and implementing new strategy options for my clients.
Importance of On line marketing
Absolutely essential! From a marketing perspective of creating and have an online presence. It is de rigueur these days to be able to harness the free ad-value a well presented website has on the credibility of a corporation.
Role in an organization
My role is to go on a what I call a "guided discovery" of the a client's organization, i.e. first observe their SWOT thru their perspective and then benchmark it to objective criteria. It is only then can I get a real appreciation of their actual SWOT to suggest a a workable marketing strategy.
Read as much as you can not only about what is going in your own industry, but also outside of your industry to cross-pollinate ideas. Get introduced to new concepts for inspiration. My personal favorites are articles I get from Harvard Business Review, Kellogg Insights, Gadget Blogs, etc.
Brief yourself
I started in advertising. From there on my career has meandered thru FMCG, Retail, Warranty, BPO/KPO, Consulting, etc. in various sales, marketing, operational roles. Having worked in so many different industries and functions has provided unique experiences and given me unique perspectives.
Branding is the heart of any serious marketing activity. The first impression people have of you, good or bad, is your brand. Too often the message interpreted by the audience is not the same an organization wants to convey, therein lies the marketing communication challenge to create brand equity.
Importance of 4ps
Marketing is a customer centric activity encompassing Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. These activities are supposed to encourage a monetary transaction between the customer and organization. The 4Ps of marketing have now expanded beyond the original scope to include People, Process, etc.
It's been a mixed bag... Sometimes you don't get to see your vision executed immediately, however when you see your ideas and concepts come to fruition it is extremely gratifying.
Importance of sales
If marketing is the neurological system of an organization, sales is the muscular-skeletal system which provides the heavy lifting. The sales function joins all the disparate elements together and provides a cohesive force to carry out the essential activities to complement the marketing activities.
Growth Prospect in marketing
The career of a marketing person depends on the how open they are to new ideas and willing to go the distance to commit to them, especially in the more mature markets. There needs to be a degree of prudent risk taking, e.g. Apple resurgence, Google, Facebook, etc.
Positioning the product
My specialty is to initially demonstrate to my clients how to harvest the low hanging fruit. Once they see the results of the initial trial then it is easier to get them to take the next step for more structured and disciplined approach to implementing change for positive results.
Importance of STP
There should always be a rational to any activity. The more one can fine tune and build a case for the cause and effect of those activities through empirical evidence the better placed one is to replicate their success for segmentation, targeting, and positioning of any product and service.
Suggestions to aspirants
If you want to stay in the marketing function, make sure you understand the relationship and the effect it has on the other functions in the business. Take a holistic approach to how the marketing message can tie into the operational aspects of the business.
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