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Raju Foujdar
Raju Foujdar

Raju Foujdar

Corporate Head Of HR for Group of Companies

Alchem International Limited group of Companies


Raju Foujdar is a member of:

Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Leaders cannot be hidden. Only you need to give them proper environment to grow. Leaders automatically take over the command and ask for more responsibilities than their other colleagues. Give them promotion with extra responsibilities and allow them to explore their talent. Keep the way free for their upward movement. Stagnation is not allowed.
Recommended Reading
All relevant websites, magzines are provided and recommended, which are required for their grooming. Some magzines/books help both employees and organizations. Generally these are technical websites and magzines/books.
Helping to develop the country
For any type of development, the basic requirement is the working human. Rather we may call it- "Human Capital". The better the quality of human capital, the chances of progress of country become good.
India has got second largest population in the world. But, Indian population is great potential and big brains. Only we need to develop them in right direction with required "Training & Development".
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
To attract the good people, you should have good brand name. Once taken on-board, need to give properly training and environment to work. Recognize the best talent and give them promotions/hike, so that they feel that they are important for the organization. Culture plays vital role. Pyramid becomes sharp on the top. Hence, only the best move the top.
Being different from other stream
It is different, because it works as service provider to all departments. It has got links with all. The most challenging is dealing with the people. People differ from each other and hence the HR field has to carry out proper evaluation of the people.
Recruiting new generation:
Gen "Y" is definitely very ambitious. Staying with the same employer and retiring from same company is very old pattern for this generation. Retaining them gives generally sleepless nights to HR department. These diverse generation Y employees need proper environment, training. grooming and culture of the organization to stay back. Only diverse show that capability to handle more than alloted and are real asset for any organization.
Improving Education system
We should not play too much with the Education System. The recent changes for admission to higher qualifications are not welcomed by the new generation.
We already have got good educational system. We need to develop our "Talent Pool" in the direction of their interest. We generally force them to go for Traditional Education. While children should be left or guided to their area of interest.
The falling number in "Pure Science field" is evidence, that we are aligned towards commercial use of education, which should be "Strictly Banned".
Parting Thoughts
Recruitment should be never ending process. Always carry on looking for the talent. You never know when you can get the talent. Never keep your focus on the traditional HR. See every candidate with various options in mind, so that you can get talent and can be used in some different field. Keep mind open for utilization of talent in diverse fields.Talent is Asset for organization, always keep Hunting for it.
Pain Points:
1. Hunt for talent
2. Powers given to HR are generally limited.
3. Business plans are not discussed with HR in general, hence they have less idea about alignment of HR activities in line with organizational goals.
4. Powers to make separate policy of promotion and C&B for exceptional talent.
5. Fair evaluation of all employees by HODs without bias.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
All problems, alignment of organizational goal should be discussed with HR, so that they have fair idea, what is to be done and when it is to be done. If any employee is not in line with organizational expectations, should be be shared with HR, so that proper training and development can be carried out. "Vision" of Management is "Mission" for HR. Hence, mission can be ignited with the fuel of Vision.
HR Strategies In Place
Talent Acquisition and Retention
Performance Management System
Mentoring for organizational goal
Coaching and training, who are not falling in line
Organizational culture and environment
HR Challenges:
The scenario has changed with times. We talk of scarce opportunities in the jobs. But, have we ever understood that Talent is also scarce in the market. The biggest challenge is, to retain your own talent and go for acquisition of talent from outside, to increase your talent pool. Stability of talent or potential talent is volatile in the industries. They are retained with very careful policies and good opportunities to explore are provided to them.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Always hunt for Talent. Find it out, wherever it is available
Referral system for recruitment should be put in place
Work in line with organizational goals, if you slip the vision of management, how human capital will follow
Always be updated on HR issues
Always have communication flowing with other HR professionals in your city or geographical area.
Share your knowledge, never keep it isolated
Learn from experiences of others.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Talent development through Coaching & Mentoring
Separate policy for Talent in Promotions and compensation
Training for Potential Talent
Separate evaluation for Talented human capital
Allowing Talent to become multi tasking
My achievements
Starting HR from scratch and moving it to world standards in the period of 3 years. Today all foreign customers, who carry out the Audits of HR systems, policies and procedures are unable to draw any deficiency.
Drawing of HR Policies & Procedures
Drafting of Code of Conduct, HSE Policy for the organization
Acquired talent from outside and retained own talent, to enhance the Talent Pool.
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