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Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Cenduit India Services


Ashok Kumar is a member of:

Goals and Ambitions
My first goal is to be a valuable resource for the organisation where ever i work. I am a database developer now and it is nice to get to do something new every few years, even if it is just writing the same "data driven Web application" projects in a different language.So I wouldn't mind eventually becoming a DBA, at the same time management isn't out of the question, and I think it might be interesting to be. I did find that management is the same way, you're constantly learning and changing; if you can "abstract out" the desire to learn new things from being specific to technical work, and just simply make it, "I love to do new things" and management can be a good direction to fulfill that. Moreover engineering and technology projects are also business projects, they are conducted in a business context and involve business issues such as customer satisfaction, resource utilization, deadlines, costs, profits, and so on.
Company and job profile
I was born in a small village in Rajasthan. My parents are farmers. I have one younger brother he is boi-chemistry scientist in Govt of India.
I completed my school education from nearby village as there was no school in my village after 5th standard. I wanted to be an Army officer. I tried NDA exam but could not get in. Then i decided to do Integrated MCA (5 years BCA + MCA) from IGNOU New Delhi, as my parents did not have enough money to get me admitted in engineering college.After completing MCA in 2006 i started my career in a start up company in Jaipur, Initial 3 months i was not paid any salary after that i started getting rs. 1000 per month. After one year i moved to Bangalore for a better career and joined my current company Cenduit India in Dec 2007. Since then i have been associated with this company. Now I am a Sr. Engineer and enjoy a lot working here.I have been a top performer for last4 years and got many spot awards. I enjoy both making decisions and following direction
My achievement
My first valuable achievement is the position i am in right now. Being the son of illiterate farmers from a village background I never thought that i would be here one day. Other achievements include: Consistently I have been top performer in my organisation in every appraisal year. Since the domain i work in is very critical and quality is vital here, and i have been able to deliver very high quality software, In many of the cases not even one issue was logged against my deliverables and that got me many spot awards. On the other side i was very happy when my parents travelled in an aeroplane, this was one of my childhood dreams.
Making job easier
The work culture,environment and management are awesome here. Especially the top management which has a clear vision and my work gets noticed up to that level and a great level of transparency. Also i am paid well.
Current Trends
I am a database developer and i feel intelligence,Integration and Analysis services of data will in great demand.
Being different
I am an excellent learner and learn not only from my mistakes but from others mistakes as well, which helps me do quality work and improve constantly. Moreover I feel programming is all about common sense once you know the domain and technology you work in. If you develop a good common sense you can always deliver good services and i think i have it in me.
Family Background
Yes, born in a farmer family in a small village of north Rajasthan. We are two brothers, younger brother is a scientist in Govt of India. I got married when i was studying and now i am a father of two years old son. Ours was an arrange marriage, My wife and my bother's wife are sisters.
Challenges faced in job
Delivering a quality service in time has always been a challenge here. Also writing generic/re-usable code has also been a challenge and the kind of domain i work in needs services to be delivered withing 1 - 2 months. So these help me to learn how to work under tight timelines, planning the work upfront and pay attention to generic codes which makes your life easier in future work.
My strongest Skill
Excellent learner, Good Team player, and enjoys both making decisions as well as following directions, Owning the work until it gets delivered and can work under tight timelines and pressure.
My important career decision
Since my childhood i always wanted to be an army officer, having got rejected in initial attempts i took decision to do MCA along with. And now i feel this was very key decision i made that time. After MCA joining the small company without any salary was also one of better decisions i made as i feel in software industry entry is very difficult if you are not from a premier institutions. In my first job I learned a lot and got to work in all phases of software development life cycles. Which is true about any small software company where one gets to work in all phases of Software development, and the experience i got is helping me a lot now.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Well, personal life suffers at times and i feel this is the nature of this industry. Every one has their own ways of balancing this. One thing i do is i take all my leaves and spend time with family and visit my village.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
I think Indians contributed a lot in most of the tech products developed and being developed around the world. This clearly shows the problem of brain drain.This is something we need to stop. Another thing i experienced is we need to improve our education system especially in the Govt schools operated in remote villages and last our reservation system. Reservation is faulty i feel. I think : don't give a position/job to reserved rather provide him all the necessary things (coaching/fee/ etc) to get the position.
Books recommended
One should have hunger to get something then only comes the books etc. I don't think any one book can get you all what you need. So in my opinion internet can do best.
My advice
I feel in this industry starting/entering is important and initial 2-3 years should be taken just for learning and don't pay much attention towards earning. Once you've learned well definitely you'll start earning well. At the starting if a company offering you with very less salary still you should consider that.
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