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Devdutt Manay
Devdutt Manay

Devdutt Manay

Marketing Manager, APAC & EMEA

Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd.


Devdutt Manay is a member of:

Handling Grievances
As with any issue, it is critical to get to the bottom of the problem and understand the reasons for dissent. This should be followed up by changes in process/guidelines based on lessons learnt to ensure such cases do not take place in the future. As I have said before a healthy level of dissent is essential in making the system run efficiently and smoothly. It paves way for greater respect and understanding ultimately as it means that every voice in my team matters.
Important career decisions
I have always looked for opportunities that excite my mind. I am a firm believer in investing passion in even the most mundane things I do. My career has broadly reflected my evolution as a professional in thoughts, interactions and action.

I strongly believe that challenging situations bring out the best in people and hence the decisions I have taken are on the basis of the value add I can bring and the positive change from my contribution.
Leadership qualities
Always have a Plan. Maintain Professional and personal Discipline. Never ending
Passion with whatever you want to achieve.In addition, communication skills and a
diligent and active mind are essential.
Managing personal and professional life
One has to develop the ability to read situations in the right manner and have a
positive outlook to addressing the same. It's important to respond to scenarios
rather than reacting. An imaginative mind helps as I can conjure various
outcomes and frame my responses appropriately.
Team Management
For any team to be successful it is critical to maintain transparency and strive towards synergy where all members identify with and work towards a common goal. More clarity would lead to greater focus and improved performance. Every member of the team has a different personality so the manager has to identify potential and interest areas to ensure their success as well as success of the organization. A structured feedback and grievance mechanism is a must in building a healthy environment.

I constantly strive to promote a supportive environment wherein team members constantly interact and exchange ideas. There always exists a healthy level of bordering on skepticism just to ensure that strong ideas are promoted and ideas that are not yet strong enough are strengthened by plugging the loopholes identified by peers.
My advice
Having a vision and the ability to articulate it to the team is very crucial. To build effective teams and empowering them with the right people management skills ensures success of the team and thereby the leader. A leader should be able to motivate and inspire his team.

Never compromise on your core beliefs and be ready to put in hard work and
sustain your enthusiasm even in projects and tasks which do not seem to deliver
desired outputs in the short run. After all life is not a short story but
instead it’s a documentary where you translate your dreams into reality. Work
hard, party harder and dream the impossible.
Tech Management matters more on
Apart from technical knowledge and its application, understanding the business side
of the problem and identifying innovative solutions is most certainly a key differentiators.

Managers always need insights to succeed and deliver. Tech managers may tend to
derive their insights from a different set of perspective driven data points. So
the challenge is to broaden the thought horizon so as to consider event changers or even minor points that lie beyond the obvious frame of reference.
Current Job description
I hold the position of Marketing Manager – APAC & EMEA for Talisma Corporation wherein my key responsibilities include brand management, corporate communications and demand generation through PR, Advertising, events and conferences.
My views on India Technical development
I wouldn't completely agree with you on that. We have had atleast 3 products that were made and developed in India making it big on the global scale.

What we need to change is our ability to think beyond services. Building a product is indeed difficult and requires investments at varied levels. One cannot always expect the government to step in and promote innovation (which lies at the heart of product development).

What is needed is a sustained effort in promoting a culture of innovation that
goes beyond start-ups. This needs to start from classrooms. Also, IP building should be incentivized in every organization. As we have seen in the recent past, an IP repository is the only avenue that ensures sustenance during adverse times.

Quality of Education plays a very crucial role as many studies suggest that on an average only 20-25 percent of the graduates are employable. This leaves a huge gap to be filled. Vocational courses could play a pivotal role. Also, it’s said that the average life span of a software engineer is 15 years! So emphasis should be on consistently upgrading technical knowledge and skills.
Influenced by
My Father.He is a disciplined individual who believes in living by defined principles. I have never seen anyone work with so much conviction and belief in everything he does. His ability to go beyond the call of duty and put in extraordinary efforts inspire me and I have taken it on myself to grow in that.
Ensuring Growth
Have a vision and plan towards it. I personally feel that it's very essential to consistently perform and up the ante. As they say ‘life is a learning process’ hence one needs to keep ears and eyes open for information and absorb the essential bits along the way and practice them to be a successful leader. I constantly shift my benchmarks to the higher side to ensure that I don’t start going with the flow.

Leadership means application of strategy with the right mix of diligence, execution tactics and intuition in different contexts.You don’t always get a chance to study situations and develop a studied approach but then you got to have confidence in your abilities to rise to the occasion and deliver and that can only come from experience and willingness to learn.
Excellence in Management
I have been successful in rolling out high impact and cost effective campaigns in
different geos for various product lines through a marketing mix aimed at specific audience driven by market intelligence. These campaigns have helped our products establish a firm footing in markets as diverse as Kenya and Australia. In the last one year, Talisma has clocked phenomenal growth in media traction with remarkable coverage in regional and international publications.
Awards and Recognitions
I have been awarded with 'Star performer of the year' and most recently an award in the 'performance category'.

I was also selected to be a part of the first ever 'leadership Program in General'
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