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Ask Rahul Jain for Advice
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Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain


Yes bank

Brief description about me
I am Rahul Jain. I did my B.Tech from the DA-IICT (2006-10 batch) and followed it up by pursuing MBA from NMIMS (2010-12). I opted for MBA in Finance, and had an on-campus placement in YES Bank. I joined the bank in May '12 & presently working in the Wealth Management team called YES Prosperity. I am in the Head Office role for the segment, a member of the 4-member central team. Though I do not have any direct reports, we do oversee the working and performance of around 200 RMs in the sales field. I presently work from the IFC office in Mumbai.

In my hobbies, I love sports. I have captained DAIICT & NMIMS University teams for 2 years each, and presently representing YES Bank in corporate tournaments as well. I have played many other sports. I love eating out with friends, & though being a vegetarian limits the options, we still manage to find out new places with nice food. I also love composing poetry/shayaris and maintain a blog dedicated to my compositions.

Challenges in job
 The challenging part about the job is to be a fresher and overseeing the working of people senior to you in age & experience. At times, you start getting a feeling that should I be doing this or should I be doing that, but then, you realize its necessary. Also, it makes me experience the difference in communicating with different people. So, in many ways, this has helped me improve my leadership skills and communication skills as well.

Job made easy
The best part is my team & the culture of the company. My boss, Rohit, is a really chilled out person. He believes in us taking our decisions, improves us when he feels we are going wrong and believes in the philosophy - "While you work, work well. When you enjoy, just enjoy". This helps keeps the stress levels to a bare minimum. Also, there is an open door policy to the bank, and even our President is pretty open to all kinds of discussions, whenever required. This helps make the job really easy.

Upcoming Trends
The dollar changing rates and the return of NRI funds into india, apart from increase in number of HNI clients.

India strategy on technical development
We are basically not supporting technical advancements. As a country, we believe in getting cheapest rates, & everybody is busy making their own profits, rather than thinking about long-term plans.
Secondly, higher education levels abroad are much better, & students prefer doing their Masters (MS) on a foreign land. Then to compensate the education cost, they take a job outside India, and so there is a big issue of brain drain. A few like me staying back in India prefer doing MBA and shifting to business side, considering it gives more money and respect in the society.

My goal
My goals for the next 5 years are split into segments of 2 & 3 years respectively. In the initial 2 years of my job life, I'd like to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can, and then, further after 2 years, I might as well decide to start a venture of my own depending on the market scenario then. (Would not be able to share much about the venture yet, its in planning phase now)

family background
My father is a businessman, my mother a housewife and my younger brother has joined a reputed consulting firm, after completing his BTech in CSE from IIT-Bombay.
My family originally belongs to Udaipur, and is well reputed in the social & religious circles there.

Advice to professionals
My advice to someone starting his career in this field would be not to be too relaxed in your job. Its all about learning & gaining experience in the initial phase of your career and add to that, rapport building, nurturing your skills & capabilities and having a never-say-die attitude. Storms will keep passing you, just stand your ground stronger each time one of those strikes you. You will make a lot mistakes, but don't stop because of the fear of mistakes, just remember not to repeat the same one twice.

Everybody has a success mantra. Mine is - "Dont wait for the iron to get hot to strike, rather, Make the iron hot by striking it."

Advice to students
Something I would like to advice the current students pursuing MBA at NMIMS is that you shouldn't panic however tough the situation is, just be strong and try to find a way out. That is what being a manager is all about, everything else takes a back-seat when you get strong.
Also, instead of getting confused over the topic of success, just keep your goal clear as to where you want to go, and try finding the right path to it. Once you reach there, it'd be the sweetest success you'd have ever tasted, just because you so desperately wanted to get there.

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