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Puneet Sangal
Puneet Sangal

Puneet Sangal

Sr. Manager



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The Turning Points
In all the new areas I have worked, each has been a learning experience - engineering, product management, presales, professional services,
business development
In all the locations I have lived & worked - Spain, US, UK, India
In all the roles I have taken - developer, architect, manager, director, entrepreneur
Decisions That Mattered
Learn from everyone you can, convert aspirations into actions with persistence & learning.
Work and Role: Then and now
In my current job, Cloud & Infrastructure as a Service.
In my past jobs, I have worked in Cloud, online video, CDN, Internet applications.
Two Years Down the Line
Life is quite dynamic, lets see where I am.
What I Learnt Along the Way

To be different than others, you have to do things differently than others which is not going to be easy
Trends to Watch Out For
Cloud and big data is changing the IT landscape. Also, Internet is
evolving as a whole and we might experience a very different Internet in
a few years with many devices connected than just mobiles, tablets,
My Advice If You are Starting Out
Discover your passion, strengths and add to the mix diligence in your goals you want to achieve.
Find a mentor, and be open to getting coached.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
NaaS, SDN, IaaS are two big areas to watch. And PaaS too will become a hot area in no time.
Books/ Websites I Recommend
There are several known good resources. Start from the basics, try
to translate theory into action as you go along to aid your
understanding. Once you have, keep ourself abreast by subscribing to
sites posting latest about technology & business of Cloud.
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CEO of Guggoo Inc - A Silicon Valley start-up
ChannelVission Inc
Junior Management Executive and PA to Dean
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal
v-india education , vrickson technologies , B&B TVandFilm Productions