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Prerna Sharma
Prerna Sharma

Prerna Sharma

CEO; Cutting Investment INC

Cutting Investment INC


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Measures to be taken
Well, in marketing the most important thing to survive is to come to an Optimal decisions even in the smallest issues that we face everyday. In order to have the required solution or decision as you may call it you need to be Analytic even if it comes to the smallest issue. The second important thing is Knowledge Management. You need strategies, practice to identify, create and present as all these are integral tools in marketing. You need to have insight and experience for true business knowledge. At last Reporting; programs like OLAP and Data Visualization are according to me are the most important tools if you are into marketing.It is not operational reporting it is more of a strategic reporting to serve the management. If you can master these tools you exactly know what you are doing in Marketing and this is how I know that my company will grow and achieve new heights as I have my staff full of it and I am good at analyzing them.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
It was not an easy ride as many people think. My father was a great a great inspiration throughout. I got into marketing when I was trying to get my degree in it. The more I read about it the more it amazed me. I had my restaurant at that time I remember using marketing techniques there which I learned at school and to my amazement; they worked. I was much younger it started as an idea. I discussed it with couple of friends my family some of them encouraged me some just thought I am being crazy.And I had this dream to be known for something to be someone. I was 21 it hit me I thought maybe this can take me where I want to be or it can just be a start even if I fail. But, I was lucky enough to have amazing people around me all the time; they guided me, helped me, pulled me back up when I lost hope sometimes. They pulled me through tough parts of being successful so I never realized how tough it was to scaled up the ladder.
Concept of BI
Well we all know its a computer world! Why marketing should not benefit from it. BI gave a whole new meaning to marketing. It was so hard to predict the market before but with BI people now exactly know what the consumers want, how they want it, how a product can be presented to them in order to make them want it. BI gives the insight to a firm where they failed, what could be done differently and what still can be done differently. How you can make a product or its marketing cost efficient. BI provides the right information, at the right time and in the right format if it is used efficiently before a product launch. It helps to understand the development/production cost and the sales volume of a product which I personally think is an amazing tool for the management to make a decision.
Comparison of current work from previous one
I started as a restaurant owner now I have this firm. Both of them are worlds apart and I am glad that I am still a part of both the worlds! I am in the management position for both the places but every step to take a decision is different, poles apart actually. Initially I thought it will be the same but eventually I realized the work I am doing right now here at Cutting Investment requires a lot more responsibility and understanding of the corporate world. It was not easy to fit in as I am from a middle class family and a second generation American both factors were not doing much favor to me. But I dedicated myself to learn and to fit in. I learned everything I could about marketing, about the market, everything I needed to know. I came in contact with influential people through my dad and they mentored me all the way through.
Personal Information
My name is Prerna Sharma. I am 26 year old. I moved to United states in the year 2007. I always had a dream to make in big in the business world. I started my first business at the age of 19; a fast food Restaurant. At the age of 21 I founded a firm Cutting Investment INC.; a marketing firm. I did my high schooling from India but I had to drop school for a while to support my family for a while.
Important Decisions
A tough one! All my career choices according to people I know were not normal. I knew I wanted to be a business woman at the age of 12. I started helping my dad out during summer vacations. By the age of 18 i knew all the tricks of running a small business at the age of 19 I started off as a business woman. There was never a second career choice for me. I was so focused on becoming a business woman that nothing crossed my mind even for a split second in my entire life. The most important and difficult decision along the way was to open or to not open Cutting Investment. It took me a while to take this decision but I am so glad I did. This decision introduced me to a world beyond my reach.
Different from others
It is simple.Anyone can use it. It is designed in such a simple manner that there is no way anyone can make a mistake using it. It is by far the greatest and the most simple tool in marketing. Actually not only marketing but every field! The best thing about it that you do not have to be an expert to analyze and extract data from BI.
Decision taken
To be a part of Cutting Investment when I was about to give up. I was going through a really tough time when I opened up this firm not many clients not much revenue for about a year. I was disappointed I put my heart in this when I started I had dreams and unfortunately they were tumbling down on me at that point. For a few months I thought to shut it down and move on to something else but then I thought that this is what I really wanted how can I give up? I blocked everything else from my life for a few years and I dedicated my life to this company. I spent days and nights here just working. So I will say that not giving on Cutting Investment was my most important professional decision so far. It gave me a new confidence in my self.
Your Role
Being a CEO is one heck of a job! One wrong decision and you are jeopardizing the whole company here. My role; well it is like as much as all my employees here. Being the founder of this company I have deep connections with it. I started working with just a handful of people who were determined to achieve something in life. My most important role in this organization is to have a vision for it to help it grow, move forward. To give it a mission to achieve. To give everyone working here a sense of security about themselves and what they are doing for this company. To appreciate and motivate every coworker of mine here.
Definition of BI
BI is a tool, a set of theories, methodologies and technologies which helps transfer raw data into something useful. It helps to study the market, its trends, ups and downs, consumer behavior. It is a great tool to avoid the mistakes made in the past and achieve the desirable results being rational and with exact data at your disposal.
Never give up until you have what you truly want! People love to take away your dreams do not let them, be strong enough to fight for them. Be impatient when it comes to your work or anything in life which you want . Do not wait for the time to be right if you want to achieve something.
Tools of BI
OLAP. Data mining. Reporting and querying software. Data warehousing. LIS. Process mining. These tools are the most important and they are standard too.
New trend
Location based mobile commerce is my personal favorite! It is so much fun to work with! People like us can make a marketing strategy for every single person in the world on the basis of their choices! Thanks to iBeacon from Apple for this amazing idea!! It gave us so much data to work on so many new things to try, so many opportunities to open up our minds to new amazing things! It gave marketing a whole new prospective. Marketing after that is not like the traditional boring marketing stuff it used to be, it is more refined, more to the point, more consumer friendly, it is just amazing! I bet it made every marketer out there as enthusiastic as I am just talking about it!
Recommending Specialization
It is hard to pick! Marketing has gone all technological but it still has its roots in tradition. Although we have amazing new tools in the market but still a marketer has to specialize in every area of marketing to be an awesome marketer. But if I will have to pick I will pick OLAP. It is the only BI domain which requires you to have knowledge of tool of marketing. so it is a win-win situation.
After few years
In 10 years, I want to be an important part of our society not just in America but globally. Apart from that I want to stick close to my family, my roots and ofcourse my best friends after all they are the reason what I today and they will be the reason of my success 10 years from now.
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