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Pravin Dhayfule
Pravin Dhayfule

Pravin Dhayfule

Independent IT Solutions Consultant and Spiritual Counselor

Independent Information Technology Consultant

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Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
The major problem here is the way corporates function. Not just the HR department or Management, but even the individual professionals have lost focus on what exactly technical progress is. IT industry here has become more of a Conveyor belt based production house where workers process their work over an assembly line. Instead of proper planning and scheduling, over commitments of marketing and sales team are levied on the delivery team, who are forced to commit their efforts tosomething which even they are not able to understand. Instead of one comple flawless product or service, they delivery people who never face the customer are left on interpreted technical specification of (non technical) sales team. After continuous trail and error and sudden change requests, there is no place for research based innovation. Who cares for knowledge progression in era of corporate progression? Individuals focus on corporate ladder more then enlightenment!
My role model
There is no single person whom I credit as a role Model. Although I do not consider as anyone as a Role Model as such, I do respect and appreciate few individuals who have really made a great change in world of Information Technology.
* Richard Stallman: The one who introduced the secured GNU Operating System and Free Software to the software community
* Linus Torvalds: Who introduced the Linux Operating System
* Mark Shuttlework: Who introduced Ubuntu Operating System (based on GNU-Linux) for having a secured operating system reach the community for Free in an Easy to use Interface
Managing professional as well as personal life
First of all I refuse to overwork. Human body and mind has its own limit, and no matter how hard you work, the results can be shattering somewhere or other. Even if the output is great, the health suffers. Proper estimation of the work and disciplined work habits help finish the work on time. Although at times of emergency, I do overwork, it should not be a daily routine. I first analyse the work and prepare an estimate of time (with enough buffer time) so that I do not need to rush. This way it helps me maintain the time as well as temper, such that my personal life does not get hampered.
Goals and Ambitions
For the next 5 years and beyond, my goals are to keep gaining knowledge by letting go the old ones and making space for new. I want to contribute to the technology community by something that helps me get recognized for years (not in corporates but in the community). I want to set up learning centres for training individuals not just merely on technology practices, but also on how to manage their professional and personal life.
Family Background
My father is a retired Govt. Servant, my mother is a retired teacher, my file is a home maker and my younger brother is an IT professional.

I am blessed with a beautiful and talented daughter.
Being different
I came in this industry out of my curiosity for knowledge. I never learnt a technology for how much earnings it shall provide me, but on what my mind accepted. My suggestion to the blooming engineers is to follow their mind and not the market. Learn what you like, and learn at its best. The market will follow you!
My strongest Skill
Discipline and conformation to the process flow. If there are no processes defined for my activity, I define them and see to it that I never fail to follow them. This helps me focus on my deadlines and even get the maximum out of my efforts.
My advice
If you are starting a job, never look whether the company that has selected you is a startup or multi million corporate. Secondly stay away from the cribbing crowd. They have nothing to achieve and tend to include you in their band wagon. Never open your mind towards anyone (even the one who seem to be your well wisher). That is your office not your home. Just perform your duties honestly, and do not fall prey to gossips!
Making job easier
Proper processes and adhering to them. Be disciplined and you would never miss your deadline. Communicate the difficulties in the beginning and always have a backup plan if things go wrong.
My important career decision
Every career decision is important (even if it fails).
Challenges faced in job
The competition, especially from those who offer no quality at low cost. Its very hard time to pitch the clients about the services I offer as compared to the (problems) what they would get from low cost service. This improves my persuasion skills and also research skills.
Current Trends
Trends keep changing. Actually the core remains the same just the name and presentation change. For example What we call today as Information technology was earlier called merely as Computer Technology, which got nomenclatured as Digital Technology. The name may change in future. So as I mentioned earlier, never fall for trends, but the skills and knowledge. Be prepared to accept every change and unlearn old knowledge to get acquainted with new one. Thats the only thing that will help survive in next couple of years.
Company and job profile
I have spent 10 years in Information Technology industry and have gained expertise through exposure to various technologies and tools. Presently I work as an Independent IT Consultant, providing IT Business solutions and Training to corporates and students. My special area of venture is providing FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) based IT Infrastructure and Software Solutions.
Books recommended
Books are meant for either amusement or learning skills. To start a career, you need not read books, but read experiences of those who have survived from failures.
My achievement
My greatest achievement has been to be a Freelance Corporate Trainer for a reputed organisation named Computer Society of India. Since years I have been trying to contact them for being able to share the valuable knowledge I have gained through years of experience in the industry, but then as its said, "There is time for everything", I got chance to deliver my first training on Standards Complaint coding practices to the professionals recently. This is my greatest achievement, because now I can share my knowledge with them who really need and deserve it!
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