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Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar

Nitin Kumar

Solution Architect

Net ProActive Services


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Start with collecting useful certificates

Concentrate your efforts especially in penultimate and final year of your academic sessions on practical studies or attaining some Globally recognized Industry certifications that will help you kick start your career.
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is directly proportional to any Company's Market reach,position, Profitability and earnings. Most important factor which is often overlooked is TRUST RELATION with the clients which only Good and Honest Sales Team can achieve.
Importance of brand image
It is of utmost importance for any organization. Brand is not something that you can purchase from the market , it is build with years of hard work , persistence and strong ethical values. So any organization would like to preserve and increase its brand value year on year.
Essential qualification required
There is no essential qualification but the skills that matters. Going by the grind, its good to have some Degree's against your name but it will onl y be beneficial if its in the same domain you are going to work in. e.g. it doesn't matter if you are Bachelors in Computers, Information Technology, Electronics or even Electrical to get a job in IT industry but its the skills/certifications like Networking(Cisco), Java, J2ee,Oracle, SAP etc to name a few that will help in securing you a first job. Important point is you should have interest in what you are doing. Learning/studying is an ongoing process especially in IT industry.
Motivating team members
A Cup of tea with Fresh air along with some light hearted jokes often works for everyone. I just try to keep working atmosphere light and remind everyone that dealing with pressure situation is the need of the hour and is expected of all individuals these days. So just take a break for a moment and get on with work, there is some workaround somewhere , we just need to identify it to solve our problems.
Education system in India
Education system in India is challenging, Full of competition but still is non-productive. What I would like to see is more focus on research, Hands-on Projects, more practical approach to Learning. We have huge potential as a country and as individuals which is yet to be tapped if we fix our education system. e.g. rather than making students read books on Java Programming why can't we have hands-on projects for them in supervision of Professors where they can learn to create something new.
Current Job description
As part of New Business Team, my role is to Support New Business activities during Bid process by providing Technical solutions, ensuring that client requirements are met with proposed solution. I am also responsible for taking complete solution ownership for proposed solution. My role in the organization is to pitch right solutions, in line with company offerings for the clients and win new business/Logo for the company
Essential skills
Interest in the domain, Good Listener, Time management skills, Good social skills are some of core personal skills an individual should possess to be successful in my field.
Developing a country
We cannot become developed country if we keep weighing country on scale of infrastructure alone. All professional can excel in their respective domains which will help the country in development. If a small application developed by a Programmer can save someone life (Hospital applications) or can help in bringing positive change in society that contribution is more than enough from an individual in development of the country. In short, be creative in your field and try to bring positive change in society through your respective fields.
My family background
I hail from a Middle Class family in Punjab who is settled in Delhi from last 7-8 years. I am married and have 1 darling daughter(Hazel) who has just turned One on 10th Feb'2013. My wife used to work for a MNC earlier but she has taken a break to take care of our daughter. I also have 1 brother, 1 sister who are also married and settled in their respective lives. My Father expired couple of years back but My mother is retired Govt. Employee and is staying with my Brother in Punjab.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Concentrate your efforts especially in penultimate and final year of your academic sessions on practical studies or attaining some Globally recognized Industry certifications that will help you kick start your career.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
I think the relations that I have made in my career till date and the respect that I have earned from seniors & team members I have worked with is my biggest achievements.
Upcoming Trends
Data center Migration/consolidation, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Big Data are upcoming trends in the Industry
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