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Nishant C Mehta
Nishant C Mehta

Nishant C Mehta


Christ Institute of Management

My family background
My family is always associated with education field. My grand father worked as a principal in many schools before starting his own school in the year 1969. Shri C. N.Mehta Vidyalaya. My Father and My Grandmother also played an important role in establishing the institute. After the retirement of my grand mother my Father Dr. Chandrapid Mehta who is a doctorate in the field of education worked a s Principal in our school for more than two decades.
Important lesson learned
There are a few lessons the I have learnt during my life till now. I always trusted on my abilities whenever and wherever it is required. From this positive attitude I have been always benefited during my hard times. In the year 2008 I started a business of stock bro-king with my cousin in Ahmedabad. But die to the worst financial condition of stock market during that time we could not survive for a year also. If we had survived for one year during that time then we could have one of the top brokers in Ahmedabad. The reason for failure was lack of working capital and wrong estimation of future cash inflows. But through our abilities and skills we could stand up very early from that loss and today he is working as an Equity/ Derivatives Technical Analyst in a private firm and I have gained many steps ahead in my journey of life. I would say only one thing here , " Get Better or Get Beaten".
My strongest skill
Business Strategy Making, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Security analysis and trading, Human resource training and development
Brief description about me
I am a Finance Professor by profession. I have been in Management Education industry for last 5 years now. It has been a wonderful experience till now to educate young generation of our country in the field of management. I am an MBA Finance from Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I have worked for one of the Big-4 firm i.e., E&Y to start a career after my MBA. I have experience in different areas like behavioral training, Risk Management, Financial planning, Security analysis and trading.
Influenced by
My Father and my own ambitions to achieve my goals in a life have influenced me so far. I have always considered my father as my role model during my early days of life. He always used to take a decision which turned right all the times. Sachin Tendulkar The only God of Cricket has influenced me lot to achieve things in my life. His hunger for runs and hard work has always motivated me and concreted one thing in my mind that there is no substitute of hard work in this world.
My achievements
I am proud of following achievements in my life :

1. MAT entrance exam topper with 96.69 percentile
2. University ranker in final year graduation
3. MBA from Acharya Institutes, Bangalore
4. My current profession which allows me to share my knowledge to young MBA aspirants
Initiative to develop a country
I believe that if we stop entertaining corruption and develop secure, transparent systems we would be able to see India as a developed country very soon.
More about myself
I enjoy what I do right now and being paid for that also. Every individual who is looking for a bright career should focus on their likes rather on scope of any course or a job. "Do what you like" Don't do any job for the sake of money.", is my message to today's young generation.
Ensuring success
Continuous learning is the only way that one can grow and develop in life. Updating with more knowledge and enhancing my skills will help me to grow. End of the day I need to achieve Self Mastery in what I do to make sure I keep growing.
Important decision
My first important decision was to get an MBA degree from the college where I studied. Second Important decision was to take Education as a profession.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I believe to be a successful leader a leader should first understand his/her followers. It requires qualities like interpersonal skills, Strategic thinking, Behavioral Skills and able to take bold decisions out of any emotions or pressures.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our education system requires re-engineering. I believe to improve a quality of education system following changes are required :
First thing that should be eliminated is the grading system. We need to grade students but not the way it is been. Its a test of memory rather test of knowledge. Because of lengthy syllabus in primary and high schools students are not been able do any practical learning during school days. Student should be allow to choose a subject he/ she is interested in. Let one decide what one wants to learn rather forcing all subjects to a students. We do not have courses considering the current need of an Industry. Sports is one of the emerging industry in India. I question do we have a Sports Management Institute in India who provide courses on that ? I believe the answer is no. Let the student decide what they want to become rather our education system decides for them.
Degree that I recommend
To be in My profession I recommend following degrees :
1. MBA in Finance with first class[ Mandatory by AICTE guidelines ]
2. BBA or B.Commerce
3. Certifications in Financial markets offered by NSE
My role model
My current role model in Sachin Tendulkar. His hard work and dedication towards learning inspires me. I believe if everyone works with the same dedication and attitude of learning in any profession would definitely reap juicy fruits in their life.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as a Director of an institute which provides courses on sports management. I am also in a process to start A Cricket Academy in Rajkot very soon.
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