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Narender Thakur
Narender Thakur

Narender Thakur

Project Engineer

Wipro Technologies

My achievements
Not sure, how readers will react here, but long ago, there was moment when I didn't have money to even buy a single meal for the day and was struggling for career settlement,
and somehow, I could survive in those worse conditions and reach till here. I'm very proud of me, because I choose to believe in something, in me, and then here I'm.
More about myself
Perhaps, speaking of truth there are n-number of things, which I have gone through, but I guess not a platform to share those here, but I feel glad, being given a chance to share.
Initiative to develop a country
Well, being a professional, its my sole responsibility what I qualify for future, cause what we seed in today, will be used as basis for tomorrow's future.
and for a developing country, like ours its very much required to have strong basis to be what as future's developed one.
If we look at the gone years, it has became a trend in, what we practice in real time, is being taught in academic level, so there is very strong need of rectifying ourself, so that whatever comes tomorrow, should only pick whats best for them.
Couple of years from now
I have some plans in to contribute for people's leaning towards Open Source. I have been working on a project that will emphasize and enhance learning in a better and easy way.
currently I'm working on it, and I suppose should be able to get some better stand in upcoming years.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I assume, being genuine is the most desired quality which one must have, which in itself qualifies for other skill as well, but to lead one must be able to take decision,
cause sometimes, our decisions can make a strong breakthrough, for which we must always keep ourselves ready.
Influenced by
Thats the most sensitive question, and I would like to share my opinion on it.
For me, my grandfather, was the one; I have much influence of him, and for the fact that I admire him, I possess many qualities that he only had.
The reason being, I believe in being modest, at the same time, being genuine and kindness towards humanity, which I don't see in people now a days.
My family background
As said earlier, I belong to a small town in Himachal Pradesh, from a medium family having a defense background.
Adding more to that, my grand father was in post independence Indian Army, earlier it was British army, you might be knowing.
I have one sibling brother, who is still undergoing graduation, and my mother, she's housewife.
My role model
On personal grounds, it will always be my grand father, but speaking of inspiration, I have always been motivated by Michael Jordon and his way of achieving things since he stand against what wasn't given for him.
Important lesson learned
Life is all about how you think positively and I feel that a positive outlook at any aspect in life will shape our character.
I believe until, we take our chances, and risks in lives, we may not exactly estimate of our self, what we're capable of doing.
I always try to beat my self to be better than myself in all the forms of life and I believe that it is these continuous efforts to produce better results that have helped me reach here.
Ensuring success
I belive in continous learning, and always work in favor of it. whetever we learn, may not be used or implemented earliy but some where at later stage, it will be.
I have had been a seeker always, perhaps thats my secret that still I'm growing at my pace.
My strongest skill
Technically speaking, I should add up my resume here. Fun apart, I possess good analytical and creative thinking. also, adhered to numerous and multifaceted test development processes and
tools. I'm passionate about programming languages and scripting stuff, and possesses decent exposure towards various open programming languages like Python ans shell.
I have had been working in media and telecoms, followed by Storage, my current expertise area of work.
Important decision
I had to leave school for some personal reason, but I still believe it was necessary at that point, perhaps the most painful thing I did in my childhood.
Degree that I recommend
Besides Degree or Certifications which obviously adds up as a ladder, one must have solid skill background, which can give a cutting curve.
and, when we speak of today's pin pointed era, its pretty much needed.
Brief description about me
The most terrific question, as they say, just kidding.

Well, starting with, I grew up in Hamirpur, the small town in Himachal Pradesh, in a medium family having a background of serving in defense for generation.
Speaking further of which, did my schooling from Sainik School Sujanput Tihra and hence from another, later graduated in Engineering.
I am a very straightforward person who likes to take things as the way it goes in a composed way, rather than scattering them around.
Being a technocrat, Yes, I'm very much passionate about programming and exploring. Currently, I'm holding on to Wipro Technologies.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Honestly speaking, we've gone worst in some scenarios when we speak of education system. we force our children to cram things, and force them to be result oriented and not skill oriented.
I feel there's a need to channelize our education system and re-engineer it.
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