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Ask Nallasivan Govindasamy for Advice
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Advice Request
Nallasivan Govindasamy
Nallasivan Govindasamy

Nallasivan Govindasamy

Technical Architect

Unlimited Innovations India Pvt Ltd

Role Model:
As I said in the previous answer my role model is Mr Tim Bray. I don't know how many of us know him. He participated in all major projects like WWW standards and XML standards, ATOM. He developed the first XML parser Lark. Now he is working with Google.
I salute him for his achievements and love him.
Done Differently:
I should be able to adapt any new technologies not only the same as I did. Should constantly looking for future and prepare to adapt what ever I face. I am a kind of person who is not willing to work for salary. I work for passion, I always look and adapt for anything and make me fit and prove.
Advice For New Professionals:
1. Please don't go to seniors to get help always, try on your own as much as possible.
2. Take work easy since all are invented by humans so you can understand.
3. Any chance to work in unknown new technology participate with happily.
4. Ignore praise as well as criticism
5. Satisfaction with work
Degrees That Matter:
Bachelor’s degree Physics - Erode Arts College, Erode
Master of Computer Applications - Kongu Engineering College, Erode
MCP in C#
Working Life Management:
It's really tough now a days, but we should balance otherwise one will fail. In my style I would like to have a VPN installed in the laptop and go home in time and make them happy by having dinner with them and start work after they went bet. In specific cases convince the family about critical.
Growth Strategy:
Constantly updating technologies
View should be long term for problem solving
Guide only if my team member tried various methods and failed
Proper Tracking of Issues and Times
Weekly meeting to review the development ranking as one to one.
Help management to earn money with less cost.
Other Thoughts:
Currently I don't have much things to share since I am jobless now. I will update once I get a golden opportunity.
The Decisions That Matter
When I was working with Brighline software, I took a risk to join in a newest company which was not recognized at the time (December 2004) and I was one of the first set of 3 developers. The reason was just to learn more new technologies in a new company and prove my skill set. I succeed in that.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
It changed on it's way, but all the companies I was worked in provided my full strength even the environment was not good. From May 17th I left the company to take care of my wife, but still learning and made my room as a good environment and publish my knowledge in blogs to help others.
Family Background
My Father was a Teacher and My mother was housewife staying in Karur.
My wife and my sweet child are staying with me in Chennai.
My sister is in Bangalore and Married.
My grandma she is no more, she trained me swimming at the time her age was 70. My pet named Kutty is in my native
Prized Accomplishment(s):
1. Awarded as BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR at Unlimited Innovations Inc


3. Won IFFKO-TOKIO Contract through my Technical POC where so many major companies failed

4. Created an own parser to parse CALNIX HL7
Contribution to the field
Currently I am not working for any company. I left the job on May 17th 2012 to take care of my wife who was affected severely by spondylosis and my child was too young to control. Now she is perfectly alright. It's again time for looking job, my past company already took a TA already so they can't
Plans For The Future:
A good role model of software developers, my role model is Mr. Tim Bray who did so many achievements and very simple. Everything is given by god to me freely, so I would like to found a new open source software and give it to people freely. But now I should concentrate only on the job where I work.
Required Reading: (my blog!!!)
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