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Ask Mumtaz Piracha for Advice
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Mumtaz Piracha
Mumtaz Piracha

Mumtaz Piracha

President and CEO

Resource Management Group


Mumtaz Piracha is a member of:

Growth Strategy:
My motto 'everything is impossible until you make up your mind to do it' was selected and published in 'The Management' London in early 80's. All my life I lived by it. I rose from a junior officer to become the Chief Executive of a corporation by personal and professional development.
Plans For The Future:
Well. Its hard to say. I believe I have almost reached the zenith of my career. I am now benefiting my clients and uprising young professionals with my knowledge and experience of the last four decades. Yet,I am still learning and adjusting myself to the titanic growth of knowledge across the globe.
The Journey So Far:
I have had 30 years in banking, cigarettes, plastics, automotive batteries, paints and publishing from a junior officer to become the Chief Executive. I head Resource Management Group and provide online and onsite consulting in business operations, corporate research, e-commerce to corporate clients
Changes In The Professional Environment:
It has been a long and tumultuous journey. From antiquity to modern age. Professionalism has witnessed its ups and downs but still it is growing. The focus has changed from machinery and money to men. The management of the human resource has probably been the greatest development after technology.
Career Profile:
I am now self-employed for the past 10 years or so. I work as organizational development consultant to corporate clients. I served major national and multinational companies for 30 years as a senior executive. I am still responsible for getting things done. I work as managing consultant.
Required Reading:
Internet is the greatest source of knowledge and know-how. Dedicate time for Internet surfing and viewing books, publications, websites. On an average, I spend 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, on Internet surfing but surfing with a purpose. Search for excellence should be the purpose, not just browsing
Advice For New Professionals:
Learn, learn and learn on the ground. There is no substitute for practical experience. Textbooks only facilitate; they don't produce results.
Other Thoughts:
My advice for the upcoming professionals in all fields is to focus on excellence. Learn and do the best that you can, no matter where you are, what position you are holding, what country you are working in. Learn to Do the Best.
Done Differently:
Well. that is more of a philosophical question that I often hear. Yes, I might. I firmly believe that past is only for reference; not for living in it. Its only the dead who live in the past.
Job Profile:
I restructure companies for growth. I am hired when a company is having a down-turn or becomes stagnant or wants to progress and progress on a fast track. I study the whole organization and recommend changes. I make recommendations and also overview their implementation on a regular basis.
The Decisions That Matter
I started my career in marketing banking services on global basis from the Head Office of a major national bank. After almost a decade, I realized I had to move into product marketing if I had to broaden my vision, explore new vistas and grow faster. That was my first major decision.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I helped people grow in their careers with the companies that I served as an employee as well as those that I served as organizational development consultant. I am proud of the fact that almost everybody had remarkable career advancement.
Degrees That Matter:
There is hardly any degree or certification that I can recommend at my age.
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