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Mou Mukherjeedas
Mou Mukherjeedas

Mou Mukherjeedas

Head of the Department,DSMS



Mou Mukherjeedas is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Myself working in a reputed management college in Eastern India, as the HOD of the Media Department. My husband works in TATA Steel group company. I have a 5 years old daughter. I have two sisters. One working as research scholar in Tata Institute of Social Science. Another working in Wockhardt .
Changes In The Professional Environment:
From the inception of my career, I have been into the academic field. The environment has changed drastically as education has become more professional oriented, career oriented and business oriented. From the gurukuls to tall swanky buildings, from students to customers , from black board to presentation , teachers to co-guide, everything has changed
The Decisions That Matter
Shifting from an already established and successfully running Media Department in a reputed management college in metro, as an Assistant Professor to a relative newly established media department in a non-metro city was an important decision, as I was given the charge of HOD over here.
Role Model:
Role models abound in my life as I try to learn from everyone. But to speak of specially , in the very beginning , of my life, the first role model was my mother who inspired me to move on in life even though life may be unfair at times. Next role model was my English teacher in Benares Hindu University who inspired me to be good academician as well as a good human being .
Growth Strategy:
Developing a never say die attitude within myself, taking training from different leadership programmes organized by the institute and others and sharing my knowledge with my colleagues, friends and experts in various fields.
Advice For New Professionals:
Develop your own identity in whatever field you are working. Become an efficient knowledge and communication worker in your area. Think of yourself as a brand so that people know you by name and your accomplishments. Don’t imitate others, don’t follow others . Make your own mark
Degrees That Matter:
Having a PhD in a relevant field is a must . Qualifying NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY TEST for lectureship can have an additional value. In media having certain certifications of editing helps a lot to enhance the career path. Computer proficiency skills are something that one cannot do without
Career Profile:
My previous profile consisted of teaching. But this one entails a three sixty degree responsibility. Starting from teaching to supervising the administration of the department, to coordinating a team of five co-workers to controlling a bunch of 70 students to overall progress of the department.
Required Reading:
journals published by ICFAI, Hyderabad., SAGE , Inder science and Emerald group.
Books on
1. Media management by vanita kohli.
2. Communication revolution by Arvind Singhall and Everett Rogers.
3. Advertising by Aaker, Batra and Myers.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
As an academician, I always try best to give the best to my students. So when they are placed in good positions in their respective fields, and owe their success to me as their mentor, friend and guide, I feel myself accomplished as a teacher
Job Profile:
My job profile is three dimensional-
1. Administrative.- monitoring , and co-coordinating day to day activities with my co-workers.
2. Academic and research i.e. teaching , and organizing seminars, and various other events.
3. Branding and marketing – looking after the promotions of the department .
Working Life Management:
I wouldn’t have reached this place without the constant support of my parents and my husband. They helped me to move on successfully with my work and life . I make it a point not to carry my work place duties and tensions to my house and thus spend some quality fun-filled time with my family.
Other Thoughts:
Media is a highly creative, and responsible field. So people should have a passion to pursue this as a career. If one is aiming for easy money, fame and glamour then media is not the career for them. There are lots of hard work, and devotion that goes into making a successful media professional.
The Journey So Far:
Ups and downs are a part of life. Nevertheless my journey has been highly satisfactory till now.But getting smugged of again can pull me back. So moving ahead and never letting success go above my head is the mantra of my life.
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