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Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh

Mohit Singh

Product Manager



Mohit Singh is a member of:

Current job profile
Experienced ONLINE product manager with a proven 8 + years track record of leading cross-functional teams.  Skills include market research, competitor analysis, segmentation, marketing communications, online marketing, and people management.

Currently working as Chief Product Manager in Netambit, a reputed Financial Services Distribution Company, situated in Noida.
Leadership qualities
For me, being Leader includes following qualities:

1. Be Ambitious and Set a High Standard for your career, because if i am capable to do everything to the best of my ability, i will be able to motivate those i am leading to given their best and i can expect their best in that scenario only.

2. Be Full of Confidence: a positive attitude gives me confidence and that helps me to groom myself as a leader.

3.  Team Development and Management: if i am leader, that because of the team, who made me that so my team is very important for me and their needs, their grooming, their growth are equally important for me as my own.

4. Exploring more and more: getting updated and exploring more and more in current market trend gives me a competitive edge.

5. Learning from my previous mistakes, a bookish but very effective basic to develop oneself as a leader.
Ensuring Growth
It’s very basic:

1. Exploring the industry as much as i can.
2. Keen to learn new things to get myself updated with.
3. Not only to get the work done by the team, positively involvement with team to get the given work done, not only helps me to groom but also creates a trust in my team that i am always there with them.
4. Keeping an Eye on what others are doing and how that is going to help me to groom myself.
5. Time Management: Listing all the tasks with their priority and to follow them accordingly.

My advice
1. Learn as much as you can.
2. Don't forget, there is no short cut for success.
3. Don't cheat with your time otherwise your time will cheat on you.
4. Enjoy your work.
5. Be a sailor and take everybody along with you.
6. Be an Initiator not a follower.

Doing things right
As a successful leader, i act as a leader not pretend as one. I mean to say, you should have that quality in you to portray yourself as leader, you cannot pretend to be expert and a leader if you do not have that x factor in you.

1.    Avoid being arrogant and ignore pride for whatever position you own: This behaviour not only kills your skills but also your followers.
2.    Be Confident but don’t be over confident:  Confidence in a success key but over confidence kills your knowledge, your wisdom and your mind, so avoid being one.
3.    No Short term focus, a good leader focuses on long term goal.
4.    Don’t trust people blindly. Analyze everything before taking any decision.
5.    Ignore Avoiding Things: if there are things which you can do and even you should do then don’t neglect them and do them.
6.    No Short Cut:  Don’t motivate your team taking short cut for any work. That you can do if you will not take that path.
7.    Be Friendly but don’t be friend, this mantra prevents over expectation and give the better results in professional front.
8.    Never ever do over commitments: Give your 100% in works which you have committed for but do not give over commitments, which hamper not only you but your team’s trust on you.
Influenced by
That is my first Boss Mr. Vikas Aggrawal from Indiamart. He taught me to manage things, teams, time and situations and helped me to improve my over all persona as a leader.
Handling Gravience
As a leader my first duty is to listen to issue and the complaint of the employee and before taking any decision,, just go to analyse the root cause of that issue, that helps me to understand entire situation and accordingly i take decision which will be win win for both the parties; the employer and the employee.

Important Career decision
So far, every single decision, taken, is very much important for me and my career whether it’s moving from B2B industry to B2C and that to media or enhancing my product management skills from electronic to mobile medium or from mobile development to Smartphone app development.

All the taken decisions have made me more confident and have groomed me as leader.

My view on India technological development
This is my personal thinking, that while having so technically rich talents in India, we are lacking at some points which are very much important:
1.    We avoid taking Risks (For us a smooth and easy life is better than a hectic one while developing new product based on new concept) and

 2. We are very rigid with existing technology with which we are friendly; we are not flexible enough to welcome the new technology for which we have to change our behaviour.

We don’t want to be leader; we just want to be follower, to avoid investment on our R&D. We forget that Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are successful only because they have done technically different from others. The products which are just a peplica of all the mentioned products did not do well in market as everybody trusts on original not duplicate.

Family background
I belong to a family of education field. My father and mother both belong to education as my father is a retired geography professor from Poorvanchal University and my mother was a retired Principal of Government Girls Inter College.

My elder brother is working as VP Real Estate in Investors Clinic. After completing my Graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering and MBA in Marketing / IT, i had started my career from Indiamart Intermesh Ltd and spent 8 successful years in Product Manager.


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