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Mohit Chhabra
Mohit Chhabra

Mohit Chhabra



View s for better India
Students can prove themselves very helpful in the noble work of development of a nation. Illiteracy is a curse for any nation. And it is unfortunate that most of our villages are illiterate. They even do not know whatever is happening around them. The youth can help the rural people in many ways, by spreading education among them, by developing adult education and by removing ignorance from their life.
Students play a vital role in the society. They are the guardians of freedom, justice, equality, ethics and social equilibrium. They have tremendous responsibility to see that injustice, inequality, oppression; exploitation, corruption, misuse of public money etc. are done away with.
Most influenced factor
Aniket Bera a senior and Ex-Msp inspired me to get connected with technology and since then i had never look behind.I keep my head high and keep moving forward towards my goals.
Spare time activities
I like surfing net,being active on social networks,watching cricket and reading novels.
Most proud accomplishment
I had got few proud moment in life like featuring in digit magazine and website as top techies in India or wining yahoo hackathon by beating IIT Delhi students but becoming a Microsoft student partner was the best thing happened to me as that set up a foundation for me and through this program i got a opportunity to work in Microsoft technology center as a trainee.
Career Expectations
As my field IT is changing very rapidly so the content of study has to upgrade at the same rate but unfortunately that not the case the course material provided for student is outdated and the way its going i dont think its going to change in few years.
Family Background
I am from a middle class background,my father runs a small buisness whereas my mother is a house wife.
Time Management
Well for me life is all about priorities,the things i like to do i save it for the last and tries to finish things that i dont like at first so that i make sure that i finish every task assigned to me.
Favorite subject
I like C as its the fundamental subject and backbone of every programmer in the world.Its one of the most important and useful subject to the computer engineers
Favorite Books and Articles
I am fond of reading articles online,recently i started reading startup sutra by Rohit Prasad and its kind of inspiring me of to become an entrepreneur
About Myself
I am a final year engineering student from Delhi Institute of Technology and Management.I am Microsoft Student partner,Windows 8 U Crew Member,Digit Squad Member and Mozilla Student Representative.I like developing application and evangelise technology,going out and meeting new people is part of my lifestyle
First Job Expectation
the thing that interest me for a job is my profile and how much i can grow and learn as an individual and most importantly a handy salary package
Challenges facing by students
The students are not capable enough to work on practical terms because what is taught at school and college is just theoretical parts which really needs to be worked on !
My uniqueness
I love meeting new people and making friends wherever i go.
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