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Anil Kumar Pandey
Anil Kumar Pandey

Anil Kumar Pandey

Associate Architect



Anil Kumar Pandey is a member of:

Difficulties in web development.
Performance of dynamic pages has always been a bottleneck in web applications. This is mainly due to database hits and sometimes because of huge amount of data getting transferred to the pages. Page rendering along with data is also an issue.
Tell us about your Web Application?
Currently I am not working on a web application.
Inspiration to Create
Customer focus and client satisfaction has been an inspiration to me.
How it improves web application?
MVC with EF and MVVM is my current area of interest.
Ways to reduce the load time
Browser caching
GZip compression
Asynchronous post backs
Less of redirects
Optimize/Minimize the code
Consistent URL for Server Resources
Keep JavaScript at the bottom
Work in a different way
I would like to start my career with Web development in Business Intelligence projects.
Tell us about your skills?
Thinking of an easy solution to the complex problems.
Websites and books
C# Via CLR
WCF 4.0 Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ to Entities
Your Achievement
1. Create a page with around 250 Update Panels where almost every inch of the web page was controlled asynchronously.
2. Improved performance of a complex system by implementing multi-threading successfully.
3. Managed a team of 20 developers where 3 of them never wanted to work together.
Interview Tips
Know what and why rather than just mugging up interview questions. Catch hold of an area of interest and try to understand in and out of it. What happens behind the scene is more important.
About Qualification
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering, Shimoga, Kuvempu University with 83% marks.
Work Pressure and Deadlines
I always know my capability and commit only what I can deliver. It is always good to under commit and over deliver rather than over commit and deliver less.
Definition of Success
For me success is related to personal satisfaction.
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JIS College of Engineering
Manager - HR,Admin
JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd.