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Ask Mohan Harihar Nerkar for Advice
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Advice Request
Mohan Harihar Nerkar
Mohan Harihar Nerkar

Mohan Harihar Nerkar

Associate Professor in Electronics

Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon

Most influenced factor
My highly esteemed Parampujya Gurudev Shri Sharadji Lathkar, influenced me most with regard to just not my career objectives but empowered me to see the things even beyond and more significantly
View s for better India
My opinion:
1. Primary education system needs revamping in respect of redefining cultural values and its technical relevance to lead them to very effective and efficient education system that shall impart them the strength they and consequently all nation expects from them.
2. The above measure shall entail them with the wisdom ( The one our ancient "SHASTRA" means) to know the difference between right and wrong
and reason thereof
3. For above objectives to be achieved its imperative to widespread the use and importance of SANSKRIT language since childhood and even then throughout. Student fraternity at large seems to be little disinterested
in vital literature has deep seated roots in their being ignoring SANSKRIT which in turn is our native capital.
4. Concurrently all endeavors which are visionary must also be in action at levels next to primary education.
5. None the one should find education as sheer a formality but nationality ! Should we remake education system for this.
Favorite subject
Philosophy is the subject I love and I firmly believe that things go better by better philosophies rather by better actions. One of the underpinning element here I want to point out is that in today's scenario there are many agencies put in action and trying to repair in their own social and technical domain but unfortunate missing link which doesn't seems to be playing role is lack of basic philosophy to integrate all noble entities working towards noble cause.
Career Expectations
If we don't exert ourselves on the points I made wright from primary education system and concurrently even on next education peers then I am more than convinced and assured that education scenario shall only make virtual progress but shall be degrading to an alarming level, to be out speaking objectives and achievement of education system shall perfectly mismatch.
About Myself
I submit that I am a faculty member (Associate Professor In Electronics, and a former Training Placement Officer at Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad in Maharashtra ) and after having spent 27 years in teaching passion and within that 10 years dedicated for Placements of of more than 3000 engineers in all vital national and multinational companies.... I honestly feel much remains to be understood and there is great fun being a student to do that as always...!
My uniqueness
This is very unique question to be answered !
Additional information
All those who think to be thinkers and consistently do introspection should come out and selflessly contribute to well-being of masses else a question obviously arises why thinkers and what is purpose of thinking and its importance ? we can't expect massive cultural evolution, which is truly an issue of world at large, to be an activity done merely by those who can't think ! This is the only way individuals shall come to containment(TRUPTI) and even rest of the world shall come out of unrest. !!
First Job Expectation
Sincere orientation to knowledge based working
Family Background
Married. Spouse Rashmi and a son Bhushan.
Challenges facing by students
In most of the cases, lack of orientation to knowledge and skill based working. This is resulting into individual's dissatisfaction and adversely impacting industrial to global economy. Obvious outcome is unrest at all functional levels in individual's private and public life. The interesting reason for this scenario is deep seated in our cultural philosophy and that is deviation from "SWADHARMA" ! That means a great mismatch between the knowledge and skills individually available and those actually deployed in the domain.
Most flourishing college experience
A design of electrical machines faculty in third year assigned a very critical design assignment which was not getting implemented by any design principle and methodology existing. Al students showed their workouts but every effort was negated .... It gave me an impetus to try differently..I gone to practical machine winders and I talked to those skilled workers could then understand lapse between theory and practice .. meditated on the complete problem...then designed the critically specified induction motor..was something appreciated highly by all friends and faculty
Time Management
Work is worship and duty is god ! This is the underlying principle to arrange all daily schedule in their due priorities. A diary of schedule due on next day always helps. A simple idea is there needs to be plan, provision is not a issue. But unfortunately mostly we get lost in thinking what are provisions and forget to even plan !
Spare time activities
Love listening to miraculous divine philosophies, read sometimes and play and listen music and sing.
Most proud accomplishment
In a typical government working scenario, acutely short of resources (as always!) could place more than 3000 aspiring engineers across the countries and so far could teach them life disciplines rather handover just their careers to them!
Favorite Books and Articles
The word non-academic may be contextual here but for me it's quite academic. It's Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta ! It's all ideology is relevant to entire world ! ...and sheer deviating from that world has come to unrest... at all functional levels...consider individuals, groups, masses, nations and above all entire world ! It appears to be similar situation... people seems to be not accommodating people just because they don't what they are essentially ! Answers only with GEETA !
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