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Mir Dastagir Ali Khan
Mir Dastagir Ali Khan

Mir Dastagir Ali Khan

Learning Officer - Training Development , Talk Insurance Academy

Talk Insurance Academy

My strongest skill
I am Passionate towards training of Life Insurance and my expertise with respect to subject matter pertaining to Life Insurance is exceptional, but I believe that each day is a new learning day for a professional who is working for the growth of organization.

I believe in Hard work, Honesty, Sincerity, Punctuality, Dedication & Conviction for a professional, these are my Professional Attributes which I have been since the time I have come in Corporate World.

I also say that one should be disciplined and must learn the art of Time Management as it is Time Management that would lead to one's success.

Any Individual who wants to taste success and who wants to defend his/her own success must follow the above mentioned attributes, this will lead to his/her growth as a True Professional in a Corporate World.
More about myself
I have been working for almost more than 4 years and in my 4 years of Professional work I have identified the need of Training as this concept of Training is very important for growth of a Professional.

The need of Training is more when it comes to the concept of "Insurance" and with his aim I have started a Training Firm called as "Talk Insurance Academy" which gives training with respect to the subject matter of Life Insurance and in order to make it more lively I invite experienced professionals and Professors of top B - School to share their value knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the participants.

I am sure that this Training Entity will one day be the Talk of the town and would result in the professional growth of the Individual.
My role model
In my Life the role model for me is my Father Shri Mir Mustafa Ali Khan who is currently working as Chief Life Insurance Advisor for LIC of India. He is also a member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) a Organization which was started in USA in the year 1927. He is a member of that organization for almost 12 years now and every year his target is MDRT. He is a Selfless Individual who believes in helping everyone and who is a "True Professional" in his field of Life Insurance Consulting. In his 13 years of span with LIC he has always kept the concept of "Service" high and of utmost importance and truly executes the practice of "Service After Sales" in his field of Life Insurance.

I am very passionate to go high in Training Portfolio and I would strive much to become like my father who is a "Shining Sun" for true and promising Professionals like me.
Couple of years from now
As I have started my Initiate with respect to deliver training in the domain of Life Insurance through my "Talk Insurance Academy" I would surely see that my entity is firmly established and delivers quality service to each and every individual who has the zeal and inclination to get Life Insurance knowledge at the same time I am also passionate about teaching as I am a MBA in HR and Marketing and a Gold Medalist from Amity University (Uttar Pradesh) and also a recipient of 2 of the most prestigious awards that is "All Round Best Student" of the batch and "Shri Baljeet Shastri" Award which I received in December 2012 last year so becoming a True Training and a Teaching Professional would be what I would be eying in the next couple of years from now.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Today India has got a very good, professional and promising education system which can be a role model to other nations. The very example which I can think of is the Indian School of Business for young executives who move ahead in Life and who become tomorrow's business leaders in the field of Management. I would like to emphasize on the the need of Practical Experience and also training which would help the student in order to equip himself/herself to be ready to take on the challenges of Corporate World. They must attend Training and Certification Programs outside their Institution which will make them "Opinion Leaders" and "Subject Matter Experts" and in India apart from Indian School of Business we have Indian Institute of Management, Amity University, Osmania University, Indian Institute of Planning and Management, & other top premier business institutions who are improving their methodology and service to improve and make Indian Education System as one of the best.
Important lesson learned
It is important today to be Dynamic in your approach and nature and you must come up to a level or strive to come up to a level where you are multi-Tasking become in order to lead a life and today the professional as well as personal life demands a Individual to be Dynamic and Multi - Tasking to succeed in one's life.
Influenced by
If today I am striving to be a Successful Life Insurance Consultant & a Training Professional then it is because what I have learnt from my father and all my Management Gurus, when I entered professional work I had knowledge and a bit of experience as to how to deliver the work, but as time went by I learnt many things and prior to my Masters which I completed at Amity University I had knowledge as to what is Marketing and HR Management, but dedicating 2 years of my life at Amity I am thankful to primarily GOD and then my Gurus who through their knowledge sharing influenced me at the same time I am thankful to my father who have always guided me and shown me what is true and seeing that I should strive to become a complete professional. At last I would say that I am thankful to all my teachers at my School, Inter College & Degree College who had their believe and faith in me that I would come up in life.
Important decision
In completed my Graduation in 2006 and decided to work to get the knowledge of work and practical experience. I was working till August 2010. In 2010 I thought of pursuing my Masters Program,as far as my professional work was concerned everything was right and I was happy, But the urge to have a Master's Degree was at the back of me and so I decided that I would do a 2 years regular MBA Program and I believe it was one of my most important decision of my life, but now in 2013 I feel very happy that I did a Master's Program which gave me a new direction and vision with respect to carrier development of my work. I would without hesitation tell that doing my Master's Program was the most important decision of my life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
According to me there are 2 categorizes of Leaders, they are Born Leaders and Situation based Leaders. The born Leaders are Leaders who have leadership qualities in them when they are born and by the time they become Leaders they are ready in all aspects. The second type of Leaders are those Leaders who are not born Leader but seeing the situation and problem of the people they become leaders. I would like to give example of one of the greatest Leaders in World Politics and he is Fidel Castro - Hero of the Cuban Revolution, according to me he was a Situational Leader who saw what was happening in Cuba and took up the responsibility of establishing a new political regime in Cuba.

Some of the essential qualities in order to become a Successful Leader are as follows:

He must be honest
He must know the art to communicate
He must feel every day confident
He must be committed to his/her vision
He must have positive attitude
He must be creative
These are the essential qualities
Initiative to develop a country
When I was a student I have heard of a saying "Good Citizens make Good State & Bad Citizens make Bad State". India is on the path of development and I believe each and every Individual can contribute to the success of the our Nation. I see India become "Super Power" by year 2012. In this path of development "Entrepreneurship" will play a key role as Professional Entrepreneurs will open up those opportunities for all the other individuals to work and contribute towards the development of our Nation. Today India needs more and more Entrepreneurs to shape India in such a manner where India is Economically comfortable in order to face any incident.

According to me Indian Professionals are one of the best Professionals working either in the role of a Professional employed in India or Abroad or having their own Enterprises and they are experts in their field and they will contribute and take India a long way, where India is a Developed Country by year 2020.
Degree that I recommend
I am a Bachelor in Commerce from Osmania University (Andhra Pradesh) Year(2006)and a MBA Gold Medalist from Amity University (Uttar Pradesh) Year (2012). I would like to further take up other certification with respect to Soft Skills Training which would enhance my ability and would increase my understanding level with respect to Soft Skills pertaining to my training level. I would further go in for a PHD qualification with respect to Human Resources from a good university.

The above mentioned is my education path which I have taken for my carrier development and if any professional is doing similar work as I am then I would recommend the same Degree or Certifications for a better carrier prospects.
Ensuring success
As I have already mentioned that I am a Life Insurance Consultant working for LIC of India, apart from that I would like to develop my own training Firm "Talk Insurance Academy" with various certification programs in Life Insurance and also develop non - life Insurance certification programs for various Individuals and their needs. In my path I would surely like to do a PHD Program in Human Resources which shall be another feature in my cap and would develop me as a Professional more.
My achievements
I have already mentioned that I am a MBA Gold Medalist from Amity University (UP), from the very same University I also have 2 prestigious awards the first award is "Best All Round Student" of the batch and the second award is "Shri Bajleet Shastri" award which I received in December 2012 last year.

I am also a recipient of "Aurorian Star" which was given to me during my Bachelor Degree days at Aurora Degree College in February 2004 during our Annual Day Celebrations.

I have various participation certificates for various events at Osmania University from 2003 to 2005 conducted at ICSSR Hall & Mekaster Auditorium.
My family background
In my family my Father works as a Chief Life Insurance Advisor, LIC of India for almost 13 years. My Mother is a homemaker, I have a Elder Sister who is a BSC (Nutrition) from Osmania University and owner of a Beauty Parlour here at Hyderabad and my Elder Brother works for Deloitte India Support Services as a Knowledge Analyst.
Brief description about me
With 4 years of experience into Life Insurance Consulting and Training of Life Insurance, the journey is never ending as you learn each day. In the process of learning you also tend to make mistakes. In this journey I believe that even though you are an expert or a true professional you must stay simple and deliver all your works with simplicity and humility. I believe in a proverb which came out of my own work that" All Simple Personalities in this world are powerful"

In my short span of Carrier I am working with LIC of India as a Life Insurance Consultant and also working as a Learning Officer for Talk Insurance Academy. When I am not at work I like listening to music, watching good English movies etc. I am a Certified Soft Skills Trainer and I believe the portfolio of Training is of utmost importance. When I am at work Training or Consulting is not just a work or a task to me, its my passion and I live every day at my work place with the same passion.
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