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Melvis Furtado
Melvis Furtado

Melvis Furtado

Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement Head

Supply ME (

Brief description about me
20 years in the Middle East Market managing Supply chain roles and fortunate to work for Unilever, Kraft Foods, Honeywell, Virgin Records, Philips, Ecolab, ISS - UN project Africa. Keen to share my case studies to the new generation of Supply chain professionals getting into the groove of current scenerio. Supply chain is a task where one has to be practical, good listener qualities and willing to learn and adapt to the changes in the trade business. People drive process and its more about knowing what you want and if possible to achieve it.
More about myself
Supply chain is not moving boxes. It begins with planning the same way we plan our life, finances, grocery for example. So Plan Well, Deliver with a practical approach. MNCs with Million $ ERPs and Good Supply chain people still face challenges but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
My role model
Having worked with Fortune 500 companies I have always found a mentor is some of them who not only guide me in times of challenging situations but also acts as a friend in times of stress. On my personal front, my role model is my wife Rosarine who stays calm and always has been a pillar to my life in motivating me and giving me the right advice in times I need the most. She being my friend first has shown me how to handle situations at work and in life too. Being my role model she inspires me to take the plunge and also helps me to stay focused with her words and point of view.
Influenced by
Its my dear friend Vivek who I have know for the last 18+ years. He has show that one has to have the acumen to judge and adapt to situations. Trade and Supply chain are 2 sides of a coin and one has to be very logical in the approach. Patience is a virtue by it self and stay positive is what I learnt from him
Couple of years from now
Having worked outside India has been a good experience but I wish to go back to APNA Desh and share my expertise to the next generation and also work for my country which I am sure needs people like us. I want to go back to Mumbai and work there and see my kids get good education and have the upbringing which I got. And surely work and have a balance of spending time with my family by chilling out at my native place GOA as and when time permits. Yes India it is because Supply chain cant be learnt in class rooms and theory, its more operational and I hope my case studies which I do share can be used for the betterment of the next generation.
My achievements
Between 1996 - 2002 @ EMI Music / Virgin Records I was he youngest and the only Asian to manage operations for MENA Region and representing for a Children Music conference was a good opportunity. At Philips I managed to add value by streamlining operations. At Unilever, getting an Award for getting the right costs and operations for GCC market. At Kraft foods, getting 2 awards was motivating. At Honeywell Again a Manager award from the CEO for performance was a good opportunity and lastly at Ecolab passing the Audit for the 1st time was a good Can Do approach for me. Plus the staff I have worked for all these years are still in touch with me as I believe in being humble and give respect to get it back allows me to say people still remember Melvis.
My family background
I come from a Middle class family, Dad used to work as a Telex operator in Laxmi vishnu Pvt limited Mumbai, Mum used to work for a Music industry in the technical side. I have 2 sisters. I am blessed with 2 kids Joshua ( 8 years old) and Mariah (4) with a wonderful wife Rosarine who is my best buddy.
Important decision
Professional I have always stood by decisions which has its positive impact and savings potential. At Unilever - changing a warehouse to a partner who will add value to the business. At EMI Music/Virgin - Gone the extra mile to bring on board customers who can do business in an ethical way and no short cuts. At Kraft foods, rather than looking at a watch and saying its midnite, ran to the airport or warehouse at odd hours to keep the production running and Manpower waiting for the Raw Material by solving the problem by taking the right decisions. At Honeywell and Ecolab has always tried to educate my team by giving them the rope to climb in taking decisions and always standing by them. A wrong decision is fine as long as you learn from the mistakes
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Postive, practical, Patience and Polite are the 4 Ps I believe in
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Supply chain point of view its definately improving but besides theory I thing more of hands on approach is required. Powerpoint presentations and Exel cut and paste is not just enough, Case studies and more indepth teaching skills are required. There is a potential to do better and and I am confident it will get better as times go by
Degree that I recommend
APICs courses are good. Now Supply chain courses in MBA program are also worth looking at
Initiative to develop a country
Initiative is needed. I personally feel rather than complaining about infrastructure in transportation and Warehousing one has to go back and set the right process, educate and motivate the professionals who need help. Rather than complain about the talent give them a hand to show what needs to be done. CHA Agent and Freight forwarding is not everything out there, rather get the BASICs RIGHT is what I need to start with. India is a huge market and you need leaders who can guide the team not cry wolfs
Ensuring success
Constant change is necessary and its imperative that one takes the initiative to grow in one's role and capacity to adapt to this change. I keep in touch with the industry trends by networking and sharing inputs. Its a give and take approach
Important lesson learned
Being practical and using common sense is important. Ups and downs are part of life so take it in your stride and dont deviate from your goals. Most important is learn and keep learning what you are passionate about, dont get saturated, Life has to go on. Stop complaining about issues and problem, learn to find solutions which is amicable to the business. Believe in yourself first and then your team. Motivate people below and always ensure that your team has a good listening ear. You cant find solutions to everything in life so flow with the tide. Life is short so take the day as it comes and always try to smile for yourself first and try to bring a smile to others.
My strongest skill
2 decades of experience with not only WMS, SAP, Oracle but Handson ground experience with managing process and people.
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