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Ask Md Mahboob Alam for Advice
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Md Mahboob Alam
Md Mahboob Alam

Md Mahboob Alam



My strongest Skill
Inventory control,Project Managment,Planning and scheduling,job allocation to sub ordinates,taking reports from all projects manager for materials and make a summerize to put up in front of all departments GM and CMD/DMD.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Yessss!!!India Has no doubt full of talent but our Countrymen don't know to utilize the knowledge power withing our state so for a better prospectus and growth the same moved or migrated to other nation and contribute in their success of other nations.In foreign country we get so much degree of freedom to work and freely and put our innovative ideas and it is fully supported by the seniors and Top officials ,but In India they never want to work on new ideas but on the same track which their grands parents are following how can we get growth and contribute in the development in nation.Even in India your seniors fear to give you much degree of freedom to work because if anything happpen wrong with new ideas they will be answerable to lot of their higher officials.So new ideas never encourage in Government sector and in privet sector they dont think much for nation building.
Company and job profile
Yeah!!I am Engineer-Material Control in ISCO WLL,Kuwait working since Jun2010 till date,Our company engaged in the Mechanical/Civil/Maintanance Contracts of All refinery and Power plant situated in Middle East especially in Kuwait and Qatar.
We have several projects around the Kuwait and Qatar running simultaneously and We have to Control the Flow of Material and ensure the actual time of delivery of material to the project site without hampering the completion schedule.The meantime contact with vendors and suppliers to ensure the availability of any material for an emergency and arrange it through proper channel.Visit on site frequently to check the site store materials eg consumable,machinery,assets& tools tackeles proper handling and maintining the issue return system as per given guidelines. Take initiation if required to change in any existing system an send the report to top management for approval,attending weekly Management meeting from Materials section.
Challenges faced in job
Well,In the job we find lot more problems where we have to sort out the things by yourself or sometime problems need instant decision on spot,so experience ,In the Summer Session extreme humid and hot whether of Kuwait sometimes create lots of problem for the workers and we get less output of work and for materials point of view we face lots of materials to store as per the given specific temperature condition,so we should have to take care of all such precaution for the safety and hazardous before the materials get damage and all.
Making job easier
Well I got full authority and support to carry out my job with my seniors and top management ,they were ready to help me by all means their only motive was to make the task complete within stipulated time frame and I got a very supportive team of subordinate they help from Head office if I were on official site visit or in any official tour that really help me to get the things easy to recall.
My role model
Well..!! frankly speaking I am very much inspire by Adolf Hitler Two famous quote"If you want to judge the capability of a man Give him Power" and "Think thousand time before taking a decison,but don't turn back with ur decision if 1000 difficulty come in the way aftter taking decison" the authority and power given to me in terms of work get done by my seniors so i executed it well and I take always strong decision and get affirm with my decison till last with justification if ever required
Family Background
Well..!!I belongs to a medium class family where my Father has a smal business of tailoring and with help of such small business he manage to give better education to all his kids(We are 4 brothers) beside he never care for their own happiness but always look for their kids happiness and i am proud on my Paretnz and their strong believes that one day their kid z gonna do lots of big things and earn good name fame among our society and alhamdulillah we are now 2 brother engineer one with central govt employee and one has get a good Privet job in Ranchi itself.
Books recommended
I will say have a good command over your course of study and the books depends upon which field you choose and the same book you can always kept along yourself for ready referance or you can have the soft copy of the same so anytime you reffer as per the need and requirement.
My important career decision
Somtimes your one small decision change the entire way of your carrier,think and research a lot before taking any important decisions and even calculate in terms of profit and loss too,I will suggest the field of work which you started never change else your previous experience will not give any fruitful consideration in your new organisation however the knowledge will remain be fruitful.Accepting the offer from Abroad was really a important career changing decision which change my life 180 degree.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Well..!!I keep a margin between professorial and personal life I never let my personal life and relation overcome to my professorial life ,but sometimes for the shake of company growth i use my personal relation to get the things done in professorial way.
Goals and Ambitions
Well For the next five years I have a lot more to do and touch the milestorns year by year with great endavour and success,I st my companies target as my aim to complete any how with all possible available resources,In the field of education I am willing to complete my MBA so I could be eligible foe better position in Top Cader
Current Trends
Well..!! Technology play a vital game changing role in almost all the fields so my field is also not an exceptional case, yes's we should to be very much aware from our competitors technology which they are using and planning to introduce because a slight lack of concentration will lead to the loss of contracts with very minimal margins and so on.
My achievement
Still have to achieve a lot more and make myself establish in the field of working..!!You will hear my name soon afterwords..!!
Being different
Well I have my own working style which othrs dont have and we engineers are definetly differ than others we make the world and I am proud to be a mech Engineer.
My advice
Well if we gonna answer for this difficult question we can write a book but in short I will say believe in yourself and think about almighty and your parents before taking anything or doing anything what will be the impact on them and do them perfectly and always think positive and keep you aim soo hight that few people just only can dream for that and insa allah you gonna Rockkk.. never be pessimistic always hope for best if you are giveing your best.
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