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Ask Manguesh Borker for Advice
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Manguesh Borker
Manguesh Borker

Manguesh Borker

Project Lead

Irevo Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.


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Manguesh Borker's Advice

Keep learning

I would tell that person to concentrate on learning and growing. Don't ever concentrate on company name, designation or salary. And more often than... more>>
Goals and Ambitions
Frankly speaking I don't have any specific goals set right now, since I don't feel there is any need to limit my dreams. I am just not able to define a boundary to what I wantt to achieve in next 5 years. But from deep inside I would like to make it damn very big... probably a founder of a powerful startup or an technical evangelist for some cutting edge product... with end to end ownership to shape and define the product and see to it that it succeeds beyond limits...
Being different
I think the main distinguishing factor is versatility. I have worked and succeded in different setups, right from major corporate giants to 2-3 member startups across various domains. I was basically a LAMP engineer and recently I have played critical roles across varied spectrums, deployments, cloud, client side optmizations. I am passionate and hate when some one finds a fault in my work so I put in all I have.Most of the times I will contribute ideas that make huge difference to the products... both on technical, usablity as well as business side.
My important career decision
For most people in India, onsite opportunity means a lot, atleast in the formative years of their careers. I have let go onsite opportnity 3 times, only reason being I didn't see it taking me to the next level in terms of technical growth.
I have left big established brand companies to work for startups few times in my career, knowing well that I shall have to bear the pain of work pressure and deliverables with much lesser monetory and reputation gains.
It helped me to get critical exposure to open source frameworks and domains as well as play critical roles in getting to market products used by millions of users. Moreover it gave me opportunities where I could take ownership to solve complex technical problems.
My advice
I would tell that person to concentrate on learning and growing. Don't ever concentrate on company name, designation or salary. And more often than not it's better to change company every 2 yrs atleast in the first 7-8 years of your career. This will help in all round development of your skills and expose you to different facets and versatile challenges.Try to continuously think of your weaknesses and how you can overcome them. Think of problems and how you can solve them. It would also be worth to join training, courses or surf them online.
My achievement
There are quite a many, but would mention few here... I think it has to be getting my first job... since I was poor in academics. I never thought I will be able to get selected from amongst people with so high percentages.
Another could be the turnaround I made when I was working for a project in TechMahindra. It was for a start up client and though I was putting my heart out, I was some how not able to portray my work. Some times an issue would arise totally unforeseen that would negate all my excellent work. It reached to a stage where people started being suspicious, and from then on I managed to make a turnaround and get everyone including the same client to acknowledge that I was the one who had contributed the most in the 6 months and the deliverables quality was excellent.It was a mix of precision, dedication, and great presence of mind and spirit to effect the turnaround..
Managing professional as well as personal life
Its tough, but I think your personal life plays a huge role in deciding how good your professional life is. So, you need to give it due importance and balance it out.
Making job easier
I think it's my ability to foresee problems and investigate and raise them at the right stage. It also got to do with thinking about problems and solutions to the same everytime, envisioning future product features, goals. You got to micro plan when you set out to do a particular task and raise red flags if any very early.It's also my ability to rise to the occasion when needed especially when chips are down...
Company and job profile
I am a 2004 BE- computer science passout from Goa University and in the IT sector working in various capacities, software developer to lead, architect and so on. My core strengths come from the fact that I have worked across various domains, social networking, ecommerce, mobile, retail and so on.... Currently am working for a start up company as project lead and wearing multiple hats.... I play a major role in cloud deployments, avengelizing technical solutions, building webservices layers, client side scripting, system admin, architecting complex use cases, so on and so forth....
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
I think it's because of our mentality for a secure and stable career. Indians generally do not like to take big risks.
My role model
There are no role models, but I am crazy about cricket and I love Saurav Ganguly as a person and cricketer. He has the passion and most importantly he was able to kindle fire and aggression in an indian team which was known more as a sedate unit who would take the aggression of opposition teams by lowering thier heads. I love the way he turned such a team into a fiery and passionate unit and the way he backed certain individuals and got the best out of the team
My strongest Skill
Ability to think about solutions to different issues even when am not working. Ability to foresee problems and finding ways to mitigate them, to micro plan deliverables, to brainstorm on finer aspects of system design. I can play multiple roles and to think deeply on issues.
Above and all I think my passion and never say die spirit and most importantly strong ethics and morals besides hardworking nature...
Current Trends
I think it's the emegence of client side technologies like jquery, node.js, backbone.js. With the emergence of HTML5 which is almost a mini OS, and with androids, iphones determining your lifestyles and thus businesses, these are going to be game changing technologies. Gone are the days when PHP, dot net frameworks used to rule the roost in web developement, today more and more work is managed by client side.
Another area, though not exactly in my core field, but I do take pain trying out on my own is data mining/analysis open source tools like HADOOp and others...
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