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Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

Senior Manager at Lam Research

Lam Research


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Influenced by
My parents have had the strongest influence in my life as they have built the foundation of enthusiasm, confidence and determination. Apart from this, my teachers during early college days and seniors from academic life have played a big role in molding me to what I am today.
Important lesson learned
Absolutely. I have learned that perseverance pays off in the long run, in any sphere of life. Success has its roots in interest and commitment. While interest forms the foundation and sets the targets, knowledge and subsequently dedication (action) take you there.
Degree that I recommend
I do not believe that degrees or certifications alone can pull one up. However they can definitely make a big difference. In my career, my degrees have helped in terms of improving knowledge and focus. In the IT field, a masters degree in technology in the respective area, or an MBA for aspiring managers, or even PMP for focused project managers, will indisputably equip one with the adequate perspectives and knowledge. Personally, my post graduate training has helped me widen my horizons and build very rich perspectives apart from creating larger networking opportunities.
My role model
I am unable to name one single role model. I have targets in various spheres of life, motivated by exemplary performers in the respective areas.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as owning and directing a business operation, continuing to motivate people and drive results from top class engineers, and helping them excel in various functions.
Important decision
The series of my decisions regarding my education, have undoubtedly shaped up life so far. Other than this, I have been working out of India primarily with only business taking me places outside. This is also a conscious decision that has carved out the course of my career so far. But the most conspicuous one has been my decision to take a new challenging assignment most recently, that has had a major impact and helped me discover my adventurous side, and given me a hefty lot of exposure.
Ensuring success
In terms of core career, keeping pace with market trends & technology, as well as keeping in touch with the younger generation are absolutely needed.
I try to keep my axe sharpened, as they say, in fields of my interest apart from my primary profession, in order to continue to learn and grow and develop myself.
My family background
I come from a middle class family which places a lot of importance on education. Thus there has been a lot of emphasis on academic excellence early on in my life. I have been brought up with very strong values and there are just no shortcuts and no alternatives to hard work. I think this focus is directly responsible for the continued thrust on performance.
My achievements
Process engineering and innovation, motivating young engineers to perform and grow, hand holding lead engineers who are adept in technology and helping them grow, are some of the achievements I am proud of. In my most recent role, I have developed product ideas that can offer competitive edge in our business and that is something that I feel satisfied about, too.
My strongest skill
I would put my commitment to get things done, my perseverance at the top. Enthusiastic and innovative bend of mind, next.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Insight, empathy, humility and walking the talk.
An effective leader most fundamentally, understands - understands the business context, the team, the peers, their motives, needs, and drives.
The leader should be flexible to do this, and to set the example to follow.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
By and large, the education system is still theory oriented. The coverage is wide enough and a lot of international exposure is given to school children these days even at a very early age. This is very good, because even though media addresses this need for the most part, inclusion in academics helps better spread contemporary awareness.

It is the application of concepts that needs to be driven deeper into young minds, and this means more laboratories /infrastructure included in the syllabus and more time allocated for experiments and practical learning.

Further more, today's gadgets pose a risk of diluting our ability to think, remember or recall. This is an alarming tendency which may be detrimental to the quality of knowledge and thought in the youngsters and hence everyone, in the long run. Schools should ban borrowing knowledge or ready data from the Internet and insist on children to think through, exercise their minds, innovate and give them freedom to think independently.
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