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Ask Krishna Tangudu for Advice
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Advice Request
Krishna Tangudu
Krishna Tangudu

Krishna Tangudu

SAP BI/BO/HANA Consultant

Mahindra Satyam

Brief description about me
I am Krishna Tangudu, I am an proud INDIAN, working as an Certified SAP BI/BO/HANA Consultant at Mahindra Satyam and SAP HANA TOPIC LEADER for 2012. Am a technical blogger and owner of site and my other interests include Cricket and traveling.

Important career decisions
I had started my career as a SAP BI Consultant at Mahindra Satyam in the year 2010 and the most important decision which is transforming my career is to adopt a new technology SAP HANA and explore it. Which helped to keep my unique in this ever changing competitive world. And earned me a lot of recognition.


Degree that matters
I got myself certified in SAP HANA 1.0,SAP BI 7.0, SAP BO WebI 4.0 and SAP BODI 4.0. Which really boosted my career.

Prospective towards freshers
Believe your passion , Love a technology and explore it to the fullest. An fresher doing this will definitely find a company which can help him to work on his interests.

My stongest skill
 Passion,Passion and Passion towards what i am learning and working.

My role model
It is always had been my father who loves his work as a bank manager at SBI, Which helped me to realize that is the passion that counts more than anything else. Which will eventually give you smiles :)
Upcoming trends
As i was mentioning in the previous questions, I belong to SAP BI Skill, and i believe SAP HANA is gonna boom in next couple of years and it is a game changer for SAP, its Clients as well as developers like me :)

My goal
I have a long term ambition to setup my own software company which will provide innovative solutions and help customers to earn more business. I will work towards reaching that goal.

family background
My father name is Kesava Rao, A retired Manager in SBI and My mother is a home maker. I am the only son. A sweet and short family :)

Elders advice
Advice from one of my senior to believe your heart and working towards it. And he is the one who mentioned me this skill SAP HANA which eventually transformed the way i work.

My achievements
I belong to the first group of 15 consultants who got certified in SAP HANA from INDIA and also am certified in SAP BI,WebI and BODI. And more than that getting the topic leader award for SAP HANA for the year 2012 from SAP was a bigger achievement for me currently till now in my life. ( Expecting some more in my life )

Advice to students
 I would tell him to make the things simple , don't make them complex and listen to your heart.

My point of view
I would say the caste system in India is really obstructing the talent to get exposed to the opportunities they deserve.  And in turn making India to be in such a  position as mentioned in the question.
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