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Kiran Anivilla
Kiran Anivilla

Kiran Anivilla

Founder ANiVA Human Capital Management Services

ANiVA HCM services


Kiran Anivilla is a member of:

Couple of years from now
Helping youngsters with Academic to Corporate transition tools
My strongest skill
Good Communication skills helped me to become a good leader, achiever and motivator.

I developed the skill of motivating the team to perform the best in highly challenging situations, in the course of my seventeen years of experience.
Initiative to develop a country
Instead of getting drifted with whatever comes there way:

1. They should choose their career path and believe in their choice
2. Identify their skill, Knowledge and experience GAP
3. Put disciplined (Time bound) effort to fill the gap
4. Take up Individual social responsibility and map their choice to this responsibility.
5. Be satisfied with what could be achieved and be ever motivated to achieve which is still to be achieved
6. Stop competing and collaborate with others to live a happy and professional life!
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education System or should we say EDUCATION BUSINESS, after interacting with thousands of school students, engineering and management students, I have come to this conclusion that this is a business where the "NEED FOR EDUCATION” of lakhs of kids has been converted into a wonderful business ( as parents feel that it is a social status) and NO ONE ( Govt , School mgmt, parents or kids) is interested in CONDUCT, ATTITUDE AND REAL LIFE SKILLS rather interested in Passing the classes , getting marks , grades and ranks.
Many students today do not know why they are studying and as their parents are sending them to schools so they need to go and PASS THEIR TIME IN SCHOOL.
There is no Focus, Aim, Goal or Dream, but kids are trained to TARGET for Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual EXAMS and after they pass out the colleges they don't have any further targets and 80% of them end up choosing a job/ career which is nowhere related to their academics or interest area!
Ensuring success
1. Learn from Experiences
2. Keep setting new time bound targets to achieve
3. Disciplined effort to reach the set targets
4. Analyze each step in the process of achieving the goal/target after the time limit set for it is completed weather or not achieved the Goal
5. Motivate myself in every good/bad situation that "This too shall pass"
My family background
My maternal and paternal grandparents are from a village in Andhra Pradesh both families were into serving society with their skill and knowledge in Ayurveda (Medicine)
My father moved to Hyderabad in 1972 with ITI certificate and joined a central government undertaking company and retired in 2012 as Sr. Technical Manager, he completed his AMIE and progressed in his career
My Mother is a 7th class passed out and is happily married and a house keeper
My Elder sister a Degree passed out and is happily married and a house keeper
My younger brother has completed MCA and working for Software Company
My wife a double graduate (B.Sc. Computers and B.A. Carnatic Music and a diploma holder in Light music) is currently working with Andhra Mahila Sabha
My son is in 8th class and daughter in 5th class, they also get drifted with current system and my lectures (Boring/motivating depends on their mood) yet times help them realize and start taking studies and life seriously
Brief description about me
Seventeen years of experience in the IT, Training and Education industries, held various positions and shouldered responsibilities in the areas of Training, HR – Staffing, People management, motivational appraisal, strategy designing, marketing, placements, operations, franchise support, branding, launching of new products. My core skill is into Sales, Marketing and People management.

Had an opportunity to work under able leadership of Dr. Amitabh Chandra (A highly qualified and experienced professional with a PhD from Cornell University, Retired in Essar Telecom as a Vice President), Prof. P.V.Laxmipathy (of IIM A) who mentored and supported me in my career transition ( Individual contributor phase to Leader phase) during 2004 -2008

Was involved majorly in supporting youngsters with Academic to Corporate Transition tools. Counseled more than 2500 Engineers,1500 Management graduates and Management Executives ( Vice President, C.E.O., and Managing Directors)
My achievements
Introduced Academic to Corporate Transition tools to help youngsters select their careers, Counseled more than 2500 Engineering students and 1500 Management graduates and introduced Attitude development program to school kids
Achieved any set targets in all assigned roles in my career (Marketing Executive to C.O.O) and was an asset to any company associated with.
Important lesson learned
1. Don't work for money in the starting of your career (for first few years when you are still an apprentice) and rather for improving your skill, knowledge and to gain experience

2. Add degrees (qualification) while you are in your Individual contributors phase

3. Be a good leader and not just a manager

4. Never quit a job unless you have one in hand (Security is most important if not one could end up jobless and become a burden to himself, to their family and to the society)
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Proactive personality
2. Disciplined
3. Good Communication and Presentation skills
4. Open to Ideas of team members and ready to be in front line to help team members observe and learn
5. Own the failures and disown (Pass the recognition to the team) the success
6. Always work in collaborative mode
7. Teach through practice “WIN-WIN thinking “to all the team members

My role model
Had an opportunity to work under Dr. Amitabh Chandra (A highly qualified and experienced professional with a PhD from Cornell University, Retired in Essar Telecom as a Vice President), Prof. P.V.Laxmipathy (of IIM A) who mentored and supported me in my career transition ( Individual contributor phase to Leader phase) during 2004 -2008

I was promoted very fast in my career from a marketing executive position in 1996 to a National manager (2000) and this created a lot of gap in my career curve as I haven’t experienced and learnt properly in my career phases.

I was feeling a huge gap in my career even though I was achieving the set targets and it left me with a feeling that I was using my skill (counseling skill) for cheating people and was completely demotivated and started searching for a good mentor and found not one but two, Dr. Amitabh Chandra and Prof. P.V. Laxmipathy who groomed me into a GOOD LEADER AND A DIRECTOR.
Degree that I recommend
MBA Human resources
Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling (PGDCGC)
Important decision
Most Important in my perspective (May not be right always):

1.Instead of CHEATING training seekers with my counseling skills quit the well paying job
2.Worked with Dr. Amitabh Chandra in his startup at a very low salary ( equal to my first job salary) for learning how to be a good leader and a Director
3.Never took up any job for sake of money but for job satisfaction
Influenced by
My Father ( Gopala Rao Anivilla)- my childhood hero (even though I received lot of punishments from him) , he has taught me how to survive in the toughest periods and supported me in my financial crises periods apart from teaching me most important lesson to WORK WITH HEART AND NOT JUST BE A HARD OR SMART WORKER.

My Grandfather (Palanki Ramakrishna Murthy) - Qualified and skilled Ayurvedic Doctor, he has worked till last days of his life (not for money but for curing the patients). He wouldn't prescribe any costly medicines and would always cure patient with required but effective medicines only

My maternal uncle (P. B.V.S.N. Murthy) who is living a life of satisfied and proactive person

My mentor – Dr. Amitabh Chandra a good human being, an unbiased counselor, a great leader and a good director
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