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Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta

Head, Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems, NIIT Ltd, New Delhi



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Money vs Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction first, coupled with enough money for decent living.
My accomplishments
1. Design and development of devices that make an ordinary computer work in the environmentally tough and electricity-challenged environment in slums, rural and remote areas of developing world

2. Grant of patents for these devices by Patent and Trademark Office, Govt. of India
My journey in corporate world
1. Joined Telco (now Tata Motors), Pune in 1986 as Graduate Trainee Engineer. Worked there till 1989.
2. Senior Scientific officer with IIT Delhi, 1991-1993
3. Joined R&D centre of NIIT Ltd as consultant in 1993.
4. Current heading its R&D and a subsidiary company (Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.)
Area of specialization
1. Designing with ARM processors
2. FPGA-based design
3. Real-time operating Systems
4. Testing and validation
Upcoming Language with embedded systems
1. Good old C/C++
2. Native code in assembly is likely to retain its importance
3. Embedded Java
Current work profile
In my present role as head of NIIT's R&D I look after development and deployment of new educational technologies (typically proprietary in nature) for use by NIIT's business including those meant for deployment in slums and rural areas. Further protection of this IP is also part of my brief.
Couple of year from now
1. Significantly enhanced IP portfolio

2. A significant % of these actually deployed in the field and benefiting the end-users (primarily children) and my company both
Advice to professionals
1. Don't lose sight of basics learnt in various courses.
2. Learn programming basics very well, not just the syntax!
3. Keep sharpening your saw, i.e. keep learning
4. Apply what you learn.
Important role as team player
During 2005-2010 period, I was part of a small team charged (by my company) with the task setting up a new university. My brief was to lay down a solid technology foundation(IT and Educational Technology). It worked out very well and the university is now a very prominent private univ. in N.India.
Future of embedded systems
With ever-increasing base of mobile and portable devices the field will continue to grow very well. This includes communication, entertainment, medical, industrial, automotive etc. devices. Skill set requirements may change. So learn to learn!
Certifications recommended
B.Tech + M.Tech should suffice as far as industry requirements are concerned. CS, EE, EC, Instrumentation, Mechatronics, robotics are the most relevant branches but really any good engineer can learn embedded system programming.
Role model
I have been inspired by people who have demonstrated skills in more than one of the following areas:electronics, mechanical systems, physics and programming. Embedded systems are, after all, highly interdisciplinary in nature.
My family background
Wife and two school going daughters (10th and 12th stds.)
My view on India Technical development
1. Associate yourself to groups/companies that are solving Indian problems (e.g. how to efficiently use solar power, speech recognition in Indian languages etc.).
2. We can't hope to create a new tech product by solving other people's problems or rather part of the problems!
Books recommended
1. Usually micrcontroller companies provide excellent documentation and application notes.
2. Websites are too numerous to be listed here! However one needs to learn to sift through these. Web is not infallible!
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