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Kaushik Vaghasiya
Kaushik Vaghasiya

Kaushik Vaghasiya


Symphony Ltd.

Challenges facing by students
A–Problems in the Educational System Primary Grades are:
1.)Children are not taught phonics and therefore can not read.
2.) Children are not taught addition and subtraction facts and therefore cannot add or subtract.
3.) Children are not taught to memorize their multiplication tables and therefore cannot multiply, divide, do fractions, decimals, percentages or pass any higher Math.
Rote memorization is scoffed at in today’s schools by teachers and administrators as an arcane way to teach–tell that to the Chemistry teacher and those in medical school or nursing programs. How can any student hope to pass any class if he is not taught how to rote memorize basics facts and commit them to memory so they become internalized and can be drawn on for higher level critical thinking skills?
4.) Children are not taught the 8 parts of speech, sentence structures, paragraph structures, essay structures or punctuation and therefore cannot organize simple thoughts and ideas on paper or conduct an
Most proud accomplishment
Hard work with mentaly prepar by any time..
First Job Expectation
1.body language
2.skill of knowledge
3.good comunication
Family Background
my name is kaushik vaghasiya i am working in public limited compny.
Favorite Books and Articles
chanky rajniti...
i would like many thought in book about life..
About Myself
my name is kaushik vaghasiya and i am 24 year old.i am a middle class man.
and hard work is my passion.
Time Management
see the work and time
Favorite subject
histry & politics..
b'coz he is my fouvarite sub.
Spare time activities
playing cricket and
know & do extra ordinary
My uniqueness
anything do again and again b'coz you teach more and more perfectly
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